The Belgian disabled athletes in the Paralympic Games after Beijing decided euthanasia — 2016 Rio opened yesterday. For athletes from all over the country, will meet a new test of life. But for the wheelchair sprinter, Belgian forward, but she *? Choose to accept euthanasia after attending the Rio Paralympic Games, leave this world! A champion of the first blood taking morphine injection in order to participate in the training forward was originally a normal person, but from the beginning of 2000, her body out of the situation, she was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy this incurable rare disease, cannot walk upright can only rely on the wheel chair. In order to restore the body forward, began to play basketball exercise wheelchair, ready to participate in the 2007 Hawaii Ironman triathlon. However, her condition is not only not improved, but worse, which means that Marek can not participate in the all-around competition, wheelchair sprint can only participate in the project. In spite of her fatal illness, she became the world’s top disabled athlete on her own. At the 2012 London Paralympic Games, she won the T52 100 meter gold medal and the silver medal in the 200 meter race. Won the gold medal after she became famous sports figure in Belgium, the Belgian media said she is a woman of disabled athletes "in Boulter". However, the pain of the body is forward because of hard training and one disaster after another. She has been suffering from the pain, spent countless sleepless nights, often because of physical pain and faint. Forward will record in the suffering of myself through the diary: "yesterday evening, I only slept for 1 hours. It’s not the worst thing. I’m just a little tired. The morning I let the nurse gave me an injection of morphine, the training time to get up, I suddenly felt very calm, as if all the exhaustion and fear are out (morphine)." The choice of euthanasia Rio is her life the last wish of the Rio, forward after another four years of pain after training, starting point will stand at the T52 level of the 100 metres before. But the doctor diagnosed her condition as serious enough to be incurable. She said the words, "everyone has seen me in front of the camera with a gold medal with a smile, but no one can understand my pain in the dark night. Because of illness, sometimes, I only have 10 minutes of sleep all night. Rio will be my last wish." For the future, I hope to do a forward end, to adopt the way of euthanasia to end their suffering. Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002, and it was approved by three doctors. Although spinal cord inflammation does not threaten the forward life, but every day that she hardly wished to live. After about 1 years, has decided to forward the Rio Paralympic Games, to adopt the way of euthanasia to end their own lives. So she was preparing for her funeral at the time of preparing for the Rio paralympics. Even so, forward also did not give up their Olympic dream. Forward a bucket list, as in the rest of life experience!