The exposure of Manchester United champions Manchester City winter window purchase Dabao Yaoxing inspects the new C Ronaldo – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) 18 in the League Cup final, Manchester United with Mata’s goal, revenge at Old Trafford, 1-0 beat Manchester City, and sent Lan Yueliang six consecutive matches. In the Manchester derby battle at the same time, United scouts traveled to Scotland to watch a Scottish Premier League star Moussa Simon, of Celtic dembele. The Scottish Premier League eleventh round, the Celtics 4-0 away win over Ross County, in this game, Moussa Dembele have played well, scored a goal. It is necessary to point out that this is the twenty-first time this season – Moussa Dembele Celtic appearances fifteenth ball. Moussa Dembele was a 20 year old striker, the French team U21 international debut in Fulham, 2013 into the first team; because the football talent is amazing, Moussa Dembele has long been Europe’s top clubs, but he eventually chose to join Scottish giants Celtic in the summer people. Surprisingly, after coming to Scotland, Moussa did little to Dembele, quickly into the team, and even become the team’s thigh. In the Scottish Premier League fifth round, Celtic and Glasgow Rangers in Derby, Moussa Dembele hat trick, and contributed 1 assists, helping the team win the 5-1 national Derby, then become the Celtics fans hero. Of course, the game is the most shining Champions League against Manchester City, dengbeilai Guardiola’s team over almost single handedly, the game he scored two, unfortunately, the Celtics bad defense let the team leading three degrees, can only draw with Manchester 3-3 war city. The British media, "Daily Post" disclosure, Moussa Dembele attracts the attention of Europe’s top clubs, United have to speed up the pace, possibly during the winter of January next year after the completion of the transaction window. In addition to Moussa – Manchester United are still being investigated Dembele, C Luo II called Gangkaluo – godes. According to reports, godes was a 19 year old striker, has been named the Portuguese national team. Gerdes is Benfeika academy trained players have very high football talent, less than 17 years old he began playing first-team football, has made 52 appearances, scoring 5 goals and 13 assists, including 12 appearances this season, scoring 1 goals and 4 assists. It is reported that godes is Alex Mourinho picked the players, can be seen from the emphasis on the player’s level. (Sohu sports exclusive production without permission to reprint)