[] a famous collection of France’s top level garden XO Cognac, limit the sale of food and drink 24 bottles of Sohu have such a good XO: Cognac, which produced by one of the oldest family owned boutique brewer Cognac, one of the winery is also a handful of production grade XO or above Cognac manufacturers get magazine "Wine and authority; spirits" (Wine Enthusiast) Wine enthusiasts to score 95 points and evaluation of San Francisco international Spirits Competition Gold Award; the highest level belongs to the Cognac XO, the youngest of the base wine aged more than 25 years, after the deployment will continue in a barrel aged 2 years old, when add up to more than 21 years in the long time the official classification, quality excellence. A Delamain Park XO Cognac, is only 999 yuan, limit the sale of 24 bottles sold out that check, SF or Debon shipping! Please press the bottom of the two-dimensional code, select the identification of two-dimensional code into the micro shop snapped! Warm tip: 1, during the weekend will be shipped under the single order on Monday, please understand. 2, this wine has an independent gift packaging, such as gift boxes, please note in order to "gift box". 3, because this wine is expensive, does not support the return after delivery, please carefully orders, orders that said [buy] approval bar agreed this trading conditions. The following is a Delamain Park XO Cognac (Delamain Pale & Dry Premier Cru de Congnac; XO) in detail. 1, Delamain: the oldest family owned boutique Cognac brewer, is one of the few only production grade XO or above Cognac manufacturers this wine winery (Delamain) produced by Delamain. Delamain is one of the oldest name Cognac trade since 1759, James · Delamain from Ireland to the Cognac region, in 1762 set up a trading company. In 1824, his grandson Henry and his cousin? Drammen Hu Lai founded the Huw Ladd Raman winery. After 4 generations of joint operation, winery in 1920 by the Delamain family to operate alone, then the name of the winery will eventually changed to Delamain". Therefore, Drammen winery’s history can be traced back to the initial stage of Cognac trade. It is worth mentioning that, XO is the highest level of Cognac official grading, and production level of XO above Drammen winery Cognac, they said: "XO is the end point for others, for we are only the beginning", the pursuit of quality is high, the cattle! In 2, Delamain won the international Spirits Competition Authority: "brandy champion" title by virtue of the high quality, Chateau Delamain won the IWC in 2007 (The International Spirits Challenge) in "brandy champion" (Category Champion Award) and "brandy award Cup" (Brandy Trophy]