Beijing teenager is 1 cm high please Yue Sun grant Zhang Qingpeng share increased operation idea cheats "increased unique cheats sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, in the southern survey CBA team yesterday conducted a collective height and weight measurement. The process of measurement in the Beijing men’s basketball team, and a lot of fun. The measurement of standard height and weight value determines the players, so each player is concerned, the Beijing team got up early test. As a national team player, Zhai Xiaochuan does not need to participate in the test, but he still follow the team down. The first station on the measuring station Zhang Qingpeng height 1 meters 88 shows, in the past, this data has been 1 meters 87, this also let aside teammate collective booing said: "this is the idea and development". The height of most care is Beijing team of young Wang Xinlei. In the previous test, his height is 1 m 94, if able to reach 1 m 95, he will be able to return to run the standard can be increased by 2 seconds. During the test, he also resorted to a variety of ways, arch foot, chest, gas…… After the results came out, he really came to a height of 1 meters, while the side of the team has long been laughing into a group, and even lying on the ground clutching his stomach on the 95. Zhai Xiaochuan looked at the fun to say, Wang Xinlei and a house in the morning, Yue Sun, Yue Sun must be to give him an operation. When a reporter asked about Wang Xinlei, is doing what surgery, the young man’s response to the shy is to knock a bag on his head". As for Yue Sun, his body measurements, weight is so many people surprised. The past always lean Yue Sun, the weight was measured 105.5 kg. According to his own said, this is the result of special training in the United states. Teammates get a run back preferential treatment, while eating breakfast while Zhang Qingpeng said it makes him very envious. Yue Sun likes to joke again and again. He smiled and said: "the idea that the rapid increase, is 40 minutes ahead of time, his head into the corner of the table." The reporter could not help but ask, then what 1 meters 88 ah, Zhang Qingpeng replied: "I thought the wrong direction." All his teammates again this sentence funny. (k)