Beware of red card! Mourinho V Guardiola 16 and 10 red red madman odds 81 Mourinho and Guardiola to be one of the most important aspect of red sina sports VS Manchester City, is between Mourinho and Guardiola PK. On Saturday night, this old friend will fight again. British media said the Manchester derby, there will be a red card is a high probability event. Mourinho and Guardiola have played 16 times, a total of these games had as many as 10 red cards. This one, Mourinho side to eat as many as 9 red cards, and Guardiola party only 1. It is worth mentioning that Mourinho had to eat red card, was sent to the stands (coach Real Madrid). Mourinho matchup Guardiola was sent to the stands "the sun" thought that Mourinho and Guardiola’s fight, the probability is very big appear red. Gambling company can also explain the odds, Mourinho in the Manchester derby was sent to the stands at 81, while the United players eat red card / 61. In contrast, melon handsome side, Manchester City players were fined the probability of 201. Mourinho melon PK, Pepe red card there is no doubt that in the Gambling company view, Mourinho and Manchester United player, is more easily in this war to eat red card, and Guardiola party, the probability is not to eat red card. The Gambling company of the odds, and agree without prior without previous consultation "Daily Telegraph" reported, the media revealed that Mourinho has directed the United players in the game to the opponent and made the body, which will undoubtedly increase the probability of eating red card. (nine)