Parke Kidd to make a transition to old guard: happy on the line as long as the wave of old but vigorous supercar! Review of the Parke NBA career moving large Tencent in September 30th sports news according to the "Sanantonio express" reported, Parke said he would do guard Kidd transformation, he said that regardless of whether people understand his role, as long as Popovich is happy on the line. Parke said to do Kidd guard "Sports Illustrated" named the new TOP100, starting from James, ended in a German – booker. There are 5 Spurs players in the team, there are 16 different point guard, but there is no Parke name. 34 year old French sports car, can only say that he did not feel bothered by the list. "Not at all." Parke said, "if people don’t understand my role, or don’t understand what I have to do now, I don’t care. As long as Popovich is happy, that’s what I’m doing here." Popovich had hoped his French defender has changed since the 2012-13 season, averaging 20.3 points, Parke each season scoring a decline in last season, averaging 11.9 points in his rookie season after a low. "This is no longer a 20 or 25 point Parke." Parke said, "this is not the case now. I have to play in another way." Parke’s decline is in the Spurs’ vision, because the people around him are changing, from Duncan and to the likes of the likes of the likes of the likes of the likes of the men of the world, from the likes of the men and women of the past to the likes of the likes of the men of the world, and the change of the way from the time of the day of the day to the. Parke said he has seen other star guards to deal with similar changes, the most obvious is Kidd, Nash and Stockton, the three people at the age of more than and 30 can still maintain high performance. "I think I’m going to play a bigger role as a leader now." Parke said, to ensure that we maintain the team’s traditional mentality and play the way – selfless, sharing the ball, only concerned about winning and winning the championship." Kidd at the age of 35, still can send averaged two digit assists; in the 2010-11 season, he controlled the pace of the game, to ensure that his teammates in the right position, and put the ball in the right place, help the Mavericks won the championship. Parke is trying to be a point guard, averaging less than 10 games last season, the first time since his rookie season. "With the increase of age and experience, coupled with the addition of young players, this is a transitional period for everyone to experience." Ginobili said, we look forward to seeing him in this area to become more mature, in a different role, rather than the need to contribute 20 points per game and his 10 assists." Popovich also believes that Parke’s transformation is natural and necessary, because they have the offensive side of the Leonard, and the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States of America, the United States and the United States. It is natural and necessary for the transformation of. "He did a great job, as Robinson did for Duncan, and Duncan did it for Ginobili and him." Popovich said, the ball needs to be transferred to different places, Parke found himself good at doing these things. In training he can find his teammates in the vacancy." (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.