19 pieces of rare ancient ceramics debut in Shanghai cited concern about Beijing Beijing – in November 11 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Xu Jing) song xiuneisi Guan Begonia bottle, five generation Yue celadon eight arris flask 19 after Hongkong Dynasty left Zhengu ceramic laboratory identification of ancient ceramics boutique genuine 11 day debut Shanghai, attracted many ancient lovers. The exhibits in the Song Dynasty porcelain, including song xiuneisi Guan kiln horseshoe bowl, song Ji Zhou kiln of Southern Song Dynasty celadon bowl, tortoise shell glaze ice Xianwen bottles, Song Qing white porcelain of Hutian kiln of Southern Song Dynasty Longquan, dragon unto the type of straight neck bottles, as well as the Yuan Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty porcelain products. This exhibition is held in Hongkong at the end of this month’s Royal fall 2016 China art auction preheating. The picture shows the audience in the exhibition. At the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles for the Southern Song Dynasty palace tour, the only surviving scarce, the Imperial Palace is also a. Experts said that the green glaze powder slightly blue, the pursuit for the Southern Song Dynasty Royal BrilliantColor, and the cloud After rain the sky looks blue. beyond the other color match, at the same time glaze kiln. "Art collection investment market is the trend of younger, organized the tour is to let those just ‘Introduction’ investors can enjoy the real charm and value of ancient ceramics, Royal auction general manager Li Jingru said. According to its introduction, will be held at the The Peninsula Hong Kong in November 29th 2016 China aqueen autumn art auction a total of 54 items, dated from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of china. Both the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles, the Northern Song Dynasty kiln furnace Yuanyang fragrance boutique, also have residual of Song Dynasty, Yuan blue and white porcelain, to meet the different needs of investors. The picture shows one of the exhibits. Hongkong Dynasty left Zhengu ceramic laboratory to provide technical support for the detection of ancient ceramics. Li Ganglong responsible person said, they used the "technology + culture" mode is put into the X porcelain Kam Po, fluorescence spectrometer vacuum environment detection in ancient ceramic glaze composition, analysis of Raman spectroscopy of the hydroxyl and element analysis of ancient ceramics composition and roughly the year, given the relevant reference data set so as to judge in history. Subsequently, according to the comparative analysis and empirical analysis, the final reference to the age of ancient ceramics and the authenticity of the report. It is understood that the number of exhibits will be exhibited at the Shanghai Si Ji Hotel to 12 days, and then will travel to Beijing, Hongkong, Shenzhen city tour and preview. (end)相关的主题文章: