Yanbian Pu taixia solution of low input and high output: not everyone is a star star Yanbian team celebrate source: football newspaper reporter Jia Yanfeng reported for an investment is not super newly promoted club, coaching ability and management level of the club coach must be two key factors affecting the team avoid relegation fate, and both. The coach’s coaching and control force, is the core fighting force. Yanbian flight this year to establish an early survival advantage, and coach Pu Taixia are inseparable, in recent days, the reporter also use the team to play away the chance to go to Shenyang to interview the coach, portsmouth. Although the interview process but more than an hour, but to the reporter was impressed: first, general interview foreign coaches, especially when the translation of the interview, will strictly limit the time from time to time, will urge to finish questioning, but neither Pu Taixia nor his translation has never been impatient and urged. Always answer patiently; secondly, as a coach, in response to some relatively sensitive issues, often not in straight lines, when Pu Taixia talked about the gap between China and South Korea football, but always very straightforward at the core issue of the Chinese football there; and finally translation links, usually translated to many things, continue to answer the phone with a variety of coach report, but in the interview process, the whole translation reject all calls, and take the pen and the. How to treat the journalists and the coaches of the questions and answers are recorded, and then translated word for word and sentence for sentence to the two aspects of listening, concentrate the attitude also makes people feel really touched. Even an interview, but also allow people to fully feel the focus and implementation of the work, which makes it easy to understand, Yanbian players on the pitch to play a decisive role in the implementation of the strategy. 1. First of all, thank you for accepting my visit. Are you satisfied with the results of Yanbian’s 2016 season so far (before the 26 round)? Pu Taixia: Although we got the 32 points, but several teams score actually standings half did not open, so I did not dare to say we’ve done relegation is 100, for us now, the reason is still not relaxed. But in the current situation, we all played the game and today the team’s position, I was on my team is quite satisfactory — from our own strength, all the players have to play their own energy, although there are many shortcomings, but I still recognized. Our performance in these days. 2, 32 points in your opinion is still not enough to avoid relegation to complete the task? Do you think how many points can survive? I can only say that more than 30 points against relegation hope is relatively large, but the specific is 30 points to avoid relegation, but also behind several rounds of changes this situation, I can be sure that 32 points is not enough to let us too careless and relax. 3, I read an article on your interview with South Korean media, in the interview you mentioned in the first time the Yanbian team invited to accept full of scruples and hesitation, but a lot of people around to persuade you not to come, what is the reason you worry and hesitate? Before I came to China, I never had.