2 days, this group of developers to create a small program with WeChat? Sohu – tech geeks Park micro signal: geekpark lizard marathon on a small program, there are those who can give 100 it will be the future of reason, a small program will undoubtedly is a key part of the WeChat ecosystem, its future value even difficult to quantify. But all of this, all need to be pioneers of all theoretical ground, at least let small procedures have some of the commercial value, not only exists in the form of basic tools. "The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now, and do not talk, so we have such a hacker marathon. The 2 day, the 2 proposition, the 10 team, this is the first time the Institute may be held on the small program of the WeChat "lizard marathon". Within two days, from the "2B" or "electricity supplier" from the perspective of the two, the development of a small number of commercial value of the program with the 10. By may, college geeks Park, today the capital and rushed mobile, V2EX, jointly organized the "hearsay lizard marathon" purpose is very simple, in the new starting line, sharing the true red in front of the developers thinking, to let more people pay attention to the small program also gave birth to this industry a small program to produce better faster. 48 hours on the small program "hackathons" November 11th Friday night, 10 teams from all directions to gather possible school office in may CEO of a Zen and the founder of the Cheng Hao calendar day after the opening of a simple, 2 days of development started. In this two days, in May, the office area, the developers carry out in knots of tension of their own projects, group discussions, sit on the floor too. A fierce debate has sat on the floor, the clash and hole in the brain thinking everyone is fully committed to the project development, such a scenario even once will give people the feeling that this is the eleven on the eve of a double business scene in the office. Two days after the end of the marathon, will be judged by the judges of all entries in the work of the 4 dimensions of the score of 5. The judges are the judges from the function of "integrity" and "business" and "the feasibility of UI design and experience" and "technical difficulties" in four aspects of each project evaluation, decide the two group winners. After 48 hours of hacking and the winner’s hacking marathon, in the afternoon of November 13th, all teams began to appear on stage to showcase their team’s achievements in the past two days. This includes takeaway, freight, local distribution, knowledge, technology, packaging, food and social…… And so on a very enlightening project. 10 groups of participants a stage show, and then by the judges of the works to ask questions, discuss, this is probably the whole marathon in the process of dry cargo thought the most concentrated outbreak stage, developers and the industry elite charge into the enemy ranks blazing with anger about a product often for a相关的主题文章: