2016 & K50 spy shots face shape design re – Sohu Sohu car / automobile   after the spy fox] Dirks last February K50 listed, MPV quickly entered the top ten list, which for an old brand is not easy. After all, is the first launch of bearing MMPV (mini commercial vehicles) brand, but the results of many latecomers ahead, with the launch of K50 to reverse the decline, but the change is the ever-changing market, only by the other to maintain sales ideas of ivy type has apparently passed, then the revision is also will do. Although only listed a year and a half, but according to the latest spy photos show that 2016 K50 has been fully equipped for the near future is expected to Rachel, will be officially on the market. The revision comes from the analysis of the current spy to disclose the information, change the level is not high, the headlight contour will be able to recognize K50, mainly changed the grille, front bumper. In addition to the steering lamp rearview cover, which is conform to the trend of practice. The biggest change is the front bumper, completely knocked down the other early, the overall change and early exposure of K60 modeling is very close, but close to the bottom, the lamp box is completely different from K60. K50 correction is the right angle transition L, it is clear that it is necessary to form a family of ideas. That is the fog lamp frame, like the K60, canceled the general design for fog lamps, in-line LED daytime driving lights group. The main grille size was reduced, and the bottom end of the headlight bottom edge outline into a slightly shallow radian, the original straight waterfall grille was changed to the middle of a bar, but not what changes contrast version of K50 headlamps are sold. The car parts can be seen completely consistent with selling version of K50, as the car after all is the need to declare the glass. Also note that some of the lamps, the original K50 white and red taillights changed, white part is obviously weakened into a narrow line. At the same time will be magnified can see L taillights taillight outside an inverted light guide lighting effects, can only wait for more specific official figure to be confirmed. In addition, according to the interior of the cover of the dashboard cover to speculate that there is not much change, it may be only for the details to make the appropriate changes. Power is not expected to change what surprises, is still the main engine 1.5L, matching 5MT and 4AT transmission. As time to market, according to anecdotal information is revealed in the last few months will be listed for sale, of course, the real time to market or wait for official information shall prevail. (responsible editor: often laugh)相关的主题文章: