2017 college entrance examination in Beijing in October – China News (reporter Zhang Hang) yesterday, the City Education Examination Yuan announced the "Beijing city in 2017 ordinary college enrollment notice". 2017 college entrance examination online submission of application time for this year, 8 to 12 on November 9th, at the age of 20, of which migrant workers Suiqian children apply for time on October 11th to 14 to 8 on 20. It is worth noting that next year, the city’s national minority entrance examination policy will reduce the extra points range. According to the notice, a Beijing official accounts, or to comply with the conditions of the children of migrant workers, or settled in Beijing and meet the conditions of registration of foreign nationals can enroll in the college entrance examination in 2017. Online permanent residents of the city to submit the application time for the November 9, 2016 8 to 12, 20, online fill personal information and payment time for the November 17, 2016 8 to 20, 20, the qualification confirmed on time by the District Office of college admissions in November 30th before their own arrangements. It is understood that in line with the conditions of migrant workers Suiqian children in 2017 still can only participate in higher vocational school entrance examination. Suiqian children submitted online application time for the October 11th 8 to 14, 20. Daily economic news reporter noted that the 2017 college entrance examination policy adjustments. Minority Jiafenzhengce narrow the scope, only from the frontier and mountainous areas, pastoral areas, ethnic minority areas in senior secondary education transferred to the city school minority candidates plus 5 points, and only suitable for municipal College enrollment. When the college entrance examination system, the synchronous acquisition of part of care policy qualification information, including the children of martyrs; during the period of service won two or above is the area above the army awarded the honorary title of the veterans; returned overseas Chinese children, children of Returned Overseas Chinese; Taiwan provincial candidates; since the main employment of retired soldiers; January 1, 2015 in senior secondary education stage to obtain a certificate to confirm students to courageous act in the name of Beijing municipal government issued the candidates to withdraw troops; active service; disabled people’s police, the people’s police because of the expense of children, one to four disabled people’s police child. Next year the college entrance examination examination subject and culture courses this year, liberal arts examinee language, mathematics, foreign language (Chinese) comprehensive arts, science and engineering; candidates of Chinese and Mathematics (Science), foreign language, science comprehensive. J067相关的主题文章: