China Kunming third session Lippi personally pitched demonstration abdominal training – Sports Sohu Xinhua Kunming November 5th sports news (reporter Yue Ranran) 5 afternoon, China usher in Kunming Haigeng base third sessions in the open to the media in 15 minutes, the players had a cushion on the abdominal muscle training at the age of more than and 60. Lippi is personally demonstration, action standard. 5 days of training from 3:30 pm, Lippi and coach team half an hour ahead of time have all been present, after opening a simple meeting, members of the coaching staff began to decorate the venue. Lippi is Pro Pro, he took dozens of fluorescent markers, with the measurement of the distance interval, the ten step put one, one of the twenty steps, and soon, half of the venue is completed. At 3:30 the training time began, Lippi in the circle to the players on five minutes of training content, then, the players began the abdominal muscle training during good mat, Lippi is lying on the side of the team, sit up, together with the supine leg lift leg, drape and other movements, posture standard. It is reported that the 8 day Guozu and Wuhan Thatcher club Tuodong stadium held a warm-up match in Kunming. (end)