Eat raw meat to eat snake body, is it true? Sohu health some time ago to see a report in Yunnan: a girl because of the habit of eating raw meat, the body long worm. The hospital diagnosis of cysticercosis. Cysticercosis is a zoonotic parasitic disease. Zoonotic parasites can refer to parasites in the human body, and parasites in domestic and wild animal, spread between human and animal. For cysticercosis, mainly in comorbidity between pigs and humans. [cysticercosis, what the hell? ] cysticercosis is pork tapeworm larvae, also called cysticercus. Pork tapeworm is a large parasitic parasite in human intestine, length from a few centimeters to tens of meters, is a section of a look, mature proglottid will continue to fall off, with the feces, which contains tens of thousands of eggs. Eggs are pigs or people eat, in the digestive tract of six larvae hatched a smaller larvae than cysticercus, through the intestinal wall into the blood, was brought to the various parts of the body, and then developed into cysticercosis, then got cysticercosis. There is also a common species of the beef tapeworm, Taenia solium and similar, is spread between human and bovine. But unlike the pork tapeworm, Taenia saginata cysticerci in human parasite, will not cause cysticercosis. ["bug" what comes? ] cysticercosis, come from? We have heard about "pork", pork is to see the size of soybean, milk white, translucent bag, like meat sandwiched rice, it is vividly called "pork". The capsule bag live cysticercus. If you buy this without inspection or unqualified pork, and not cooked thoroughly, will eat into the living cysticercus. Cysticercus attached to the human gut, gradually grow long tapeworm, then discharge through the fecal eggs. There are mainly three kinds of eggs: home to spend the rest of my life, feces, quietly died; and eaten by the pigs, then hatched six larvae in the digestive tract of pigs, into the blood through the intestinal wall, was brought to all parts of the body muscle fibers, develop into cysticerci. The pork is rice. M cysticerci in pork and then be eaten, in the intestines develop into tapeworm, then discharge eggs. So, again and again……. People eat eggs, directly, will be hatched six larvae in the human digestive tract, and then into the blood, was brought to the brain, eye, muscle and other parts, develop into cysticerci. So, people have cysticercosis. People from eating eggs to cysticercus in vivo formation takes about 3 months or so. Cysticercosis is to eat people carrying the feces of pork tapeworm eggs. Because they can not wash, eat eggs expelled; it can be self or other patients with fecal contamination of the tapeworm in fruits and vegetables or water to eat eggs, so. [bug] great harm cysticercus most often is a violation of the human brain, it can also be parasitic in the subcutaneous tissue, muscle tissue and eye. People of all ages and sexes may be sick. From a national perspective, the incidence of cysticercosis associated with the habit of eating raw pork, the northeast and Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces are relatively rare, and)