Also fear the constant battle on Hong Kong Hulk: cut off his relationship with Wu Lei hurk will face source: Hengda football newspaper reporter Bai Guohua reported double trip further, the FA Cup and Champions League from two games from the championship is still the 5 round. No matter who the opponent, there is no difference for Hengda, have to win. The Hong Kong and Hengda record rise since the Super League, too horrible to look at, Hong Kong will never win hengda. When both sides of the first round in the Tianhe confrontation, the lack of the card, aierkesen on Hong Kong and Hengda draw, it is not willing to let hengda. The two sides met again at the weekend, in fact almost, Conca and El Kessen was absent, this time, the Hong Kong shortage situation is more serious, South Korea is also a great defender Jin Zhourong may not be able to play. A lot of practice in Hong Kong, are considered to be copied Evergrande, especially in the extension, the card, El Eriksson was once Hengda players. In the two transfer period, Hong Kong spent 55 million 800 thousand euros to introduce the Hulk, from a cost perspective, Hong Kong than Hengda ifheavier, but Hong Kong today and Hengda strength gap, is more overall, especially in terms of the domestic players. In addition to Hong Kong, Wu Lei, Cai Huikang, Yu Hai regulars Yan Junling and several national team, and Sun Xiang is the name of the old but vigorous Hengda "jioubu" the rest of the team, although after several years, but the strength is still very difficult and those proven Hengda Guozihao team compared. Hengda is one of the main players said: "let’s just say if we changed the foreign aid, not so good, we still have the confidence to get our AFC Champions League qualifications, but foreign aid to the other team, we will be able to get the Super Champion, even AFC Champions League champion?" Even in the week there is the FA Cup, but Hengda performance out of the state, still allow people to be able to get 3 points at home on the harbor full of confidence. Of course, there is confidence, does not mean that Congress has constant contempt for Hong Kong, like the Hulk, Wu Lei is still the key to these players Hengda watch players. Especially the Hulk, before he and Hengda no overall record, but his strong body and his ability to score, let Hengda have fear. "On the Hulk, cut off the connection between him and Wu Lei, it is certainly our focus on defense. Hengda players told reporters.