Russia joint maritime – 2016 "military exercises of Chinese troops had gathered in Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Guangdong – September 12 Zhanjiang Xinhua (reporter Wang Jingguo, Wu Dengfeng) participate in the Sino Russian joint maritime – 2016" military exercises China naval forces in Guangdong on 12 Zhanjiang assembled tension orderly the preparation before exercise. Navy spokesman Liang Yang said that the exercise is over the years, the Sino Russian joint exercises in combat, information technology, standardization of the highest. In China men that they have the determination and confidence to complete the exercise task. The Chinese troops participating were from the South China Sea fleet, East Sea fleet and Beihai fleet, namely missile destroyer Guangzhou, Zhengzhou ship missile frigate Mount Huangshan ship, Sanya ship, Daqing ship, Kunlun Mountains ship, amphibious landing ship Yunwushan ship, 2 new conventional submarines and new reefs in Junshan Lake supply ship 10 naval ship etc. naval battle. Chinese Naval Air Force dispatched fighter 11B fighter aircraft, Flying Leopard fighter, AWACS helicopter type and a total of 19 aircraft. Participate in the Sino Russian joint military drill of the Chinese navy ships in ship personnel, including marines. The Sino Russian joint exercise, the Marines will work together to conduct joint stereo and other related subjects took control of reef drills. Joint maritime – 2016 military exercises from September 12th to 19, held in the East China Sea airspace in Guangdong, Zhanjiang. Main courses include exercises joint air defense, joint anti submarine joint air and sea search, the United fighters took control of three-dimensional reefs, search and rescue, joint boarding and inspection port and exercise phase series joint training etc.. In order to enhance the level of combat exercises, the exercises in the organization mode, the contents of the exercises, dispatch command and other aspects of development and innovation, organized for the first time in accordance with the red and blue square, red troops by the Russian navy ship mixed, the blue side by the Chinese naval forces as. Exercise, comprehensive combat capability, high levels of information as the blue side of Zhengzhou ship fleet command ship, will command the new conventional submarines, new aircraft from the bottom, the water and the air of the red fleet implementation of multi dimension attack. A new fixed wing AWACS will build complex electromagnetic environment in sea air exercises, both red and blue will carry out combat training to form "back to back".