With 0.7 seconds lore nuggets Mudie 23 key ball to the Savior [collection] Denver 107-108 Memphis Carter 0.7 seconds behind high small empty sports news November 9th God lore Tencent 107-108 Denver Memphis lore, Vince – Carter Mark – Gasol assists the last 0.7 seconds of air relay complete lore. "Chinese boy" Emanuel – 13 in the cast of 7, with a score of 23 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds, with a total of 7 turnovers. The Grizzlies, Mark – 14 in the cast of 9, to get a score of 19 points and 6 assists, rebounds, and – – – Carter, the 13 vote in the 8, to get 20 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds () and a total of $4. Small and empty "Chinese lore boy" Emanuel – Mudi AI after the start of the game played very well, in the first attack placed three points. He then sent 2 points and 2 assists to help the Nuggets 11-4 start. Memphis billion Mr. Mike Conley suddenly angry, first assists Mark Gasol dunk, then 2 consecutive steals Mudie back, helped the Grizzlies hit a 8-0 attack wave. The first section of 8 minutes and 10 seconds, Chandler assists Parsons in Conley layup, Memphis 12-11 counter ultra score, this is the first shot since Parsons joined the grizzlies. The two sides were subsequently entangled in the fight, the first two teams into 26 flat. The second quarter to 10 in 26 seconds, Jamal Nelson break layup, the Nuggets lead 30-26. At this time, the Grizzlies veteran Vince – Carter long throws the score, help Memphis solidity. Under the help of Carter and others, the Grizzlies gradually gained the upper hand, the second quarter of 6 minutes to 42-35 scored 7 points lead. Denver request after the pause, Mudie break layup, also caused the opponent shooting fouls, beating three points, helping the Nuggets solidity. After the Nuggets gradually eroded Grizzlies obvious advantage, the score will be 56 weeks into the flat. Third to 10 minutes and 41 seconds, Parsons passes to the high post, cut Conley layup, the Grizzlies completed the first score. Nuggets played a bit anxious, the team center Nicola – Jogich first offensive foul, and then shortly after the foul to eat a technical foul, gave the Grizzlies a free throw opportunity. This section to 9 minutes and 58 seconds, Parsons ball breakthrough, to the inside after the split dunk helped the Grizzlies to expand the score 61-56. Critical moment, Mudie assists Gallinari to hit three points, the two teams still played inextricably involved. At the end of the third quarter, Nuggets 76-79 bite the score. Under the leadership of Carter, the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter will soon be 83-76 to expand the difference to the score of 7. Nuggets coach Mike – Malone immediately called a timeout, Jamal Murray completed a CIC a three points to help the Nuggets will be reduced to 4 points difference. At this time, Jia Gabriel Martin hit three points, helping the Grizzlies to consolidate the lead. Nuggets are still very stubborn, relying on defensive counterattack constantly chasing points. Fourth to 6 minutes and 16 seconds, Danilo Gallinari steals Mike Conley, causing Parsons to break Mudi AI shooting foul, 2 punish in 1 to help the Nuggets to score 91-95. The Nuggets then Yuezhanyueyong Mudie break layup, also caused a foul opponents, end.