Exposure Ding Wei will serve as the new coach Tongxi Hu Weidong backstage Ding Wei will become the new coach of the Jiangsu team last night CBA League, Jiangsu Tongxi home court loss to the Qingdao team to 96:106, suffered six defeats. A Tongxi away with the Xinjiang team, the team manager and coach Hu Weidong did not command, which also sparked a Tongxi Huanshuai conjecture. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, given Hu Weidong’s blood pressure condition, Tongxi does have coaching plan, and the coach is very likely is studying in the United States famous coach Ding Wei CBA. Ding Wei and Jiangsu basketball quite closely, he has played for the Jiangsu dragons, and Hu Weidong were teammates, and backstage Hu Weidong will serve as general manager of the club full-time. Modern Express reporter Shen Chenwen ZAKER Nanjing sicker Hu Weidong backstage at the same Xi and Xu Qiang decided not to renew Hu Weidong after several candidates had the last laugh, become the team coach. But from the office to the backstage, Hu Weidong and his Tongxi not too smooth. Before taking the same Xi, Hu Weidong or NBL Anhui Wenyi coach. In accordance with the Xi plan, after Hu Weidong will end in a full game, which is in mid September to return the team this year, so we are by the assistant coach Xu Wei and Liang Wei in charge, compared with the other team, the lack of the coach’s summer training effect must be discounted. But Hu Weidong left midway Anhui Wenyi, according to him, in the leading period their high blood pressure index is very high, two or three times have returned to Nanjing for treatment. Since then, because of physical discomfort and other reasons, Hu Weidong did not go back to Anhui coach, in his assistant, led by the following eventually won the NBL championship. After returning to Nanjing Hu Weidong side treatment, while waiting for the club officially announced the end of August, Tongxi club announced Hu Weidong become the team coach. How long did the team after his hypertension attack again, "at that time is mid September, Hu to guide the blood pressure suddenly rose again, then go to the hospital to check, the doctor in his body on the instrument for monitoring blood pressure, he has been with the requirements." Team leader Luo Guoming said. The Sichuan, Xinjiang two road trip, his illness again and again, very serious illness, people look swollen, swollen eyes scary." A club executives say. Considering their condition and need team work, Hu Weidong has asked the club to mean, it is understood that Hu Weidong will no longer serve as the team coach, but go behind the scenes as a full-time general manager. The old man returns one of the veteran coach Ding Wei will serve as the new coach Ding Wei CBA, the debut in the avant-garde players, who played in many CBA teams, including the Jiangsu Nangang, when he and Hu Weidong, Wang Jihua and others are teammates. Ding Wei’s coaching career in the famous Zhejiang Chouzhou bank, then JR· Smith Ding Wei was playing for Zhejiang team coach, he also put the team into the playoffs for the first time in the Zhejiang team from the school, Ding Wei went to Xinjiang to help Cui Wanjun team. And last season, Ding Wei.