The daughter of a Zhejiang woman incitement to kill was sentenced to death one of the suspects Zhao was arrested in Henan. Micro-blog figure original title: Zhejiang mother-in-law daughter-in-law incitement to kill was sentenced to death, the son sun articles told my mother about female nurses in Zhejiang Ningbo city of Cixi for the concern of the case were killed in the latest progress. (24) the surging news learned from the Ningbo City Intermediate People’s court verdict on the case of the hospital the day before. Incitement to kill daughter-in-law mother-in-law Moumou was intentional murder and sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. The other two were Mouyi defendant Moumou provide the implementation of the "kill service" and "guxiong intermediary" Zhao Moujia and Zhao, also because of the same crime by the court were sentenced to death and imprisonment for 8 years. It is worth noting that, in this case, the victim’s husband (i.e. the defendant Moumou son) is the identity of the families, with his son and father-in-law, mother-in-law together as a plaintiff, the civil compensation to the 3 defendants, including its mother. The petition also supported by the court, the court ordered the 3 defendants to the plaintiff compensation for economic losses totaling 500 thousand yuan, of which her mother Moumou pay 300 thousand yuan, the other 2 defendants bear 170 thousand and 30 thousand respectively. That son was snatched, mother-in-law daughter-in-law incitement to kill 150 thousand according to City Express reported on September 20th, after the hearing, according to her mother Zhang confessed that the direct motive of the incitement to murder, because to see his son and daughter love like that, is this woman stole his son. Because of jealousy, so only incitement to murder. The court found that the defendant Moumou due to household chores for a long time the daughter-in-law Zhao (who died 33 years old) and bitter discontent. The summer of 2015, Zhang Moumou in Cixi city Hushanjiedao Zhi Shan Park exercise awareness of the defendant Zhao Mouyi, after repeatedly proposed to Zhao Mouyi have stabbed zhao. At the beginning of February 2016, the defendant Zhao Moujia Zhao Mouyi will be introduced to Zhang Moumou, Moumou by invested 150 thousand yuan to hire Zhao Moujia with a knife stabbed after Zhao, Zhang Moumou with Zhao Moujia to the scene to check, and in accordance with the requirements of Zhao Moujia, Zhao Mouyi provides tools, gloves and other tools of crime. In February 16, 2016 7, the defendant Moumou with knife moujia to Zhao Cixi city Hushanjiedao Jinshan Village No. 36 building two unit downstairs, while the victim Zhao go to work on the occasion, by Zhao Moumou Pianzhi a building overhead layer, Zhao Moujia came up with a knife stabbed the abdomen after Zhao fled then, Zhang Moumou continue to stabbing Zhao, Zhao induced by abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava, hepatic puncture and hemorrhagic shock and death. Zhang Mou will be dragged to the top of the west side of the overhead layer with an abandoned door cover to cover, and clean up the scene after the blood fled. Although the mother has confessed the plot, but not enough to be given a lighter punishment prosecutor accused the defendant Moumou hired Zhao Moujia partnership to kill the victim zhao. Zhao Mouyi will be introduced to the defendant Moumou, Zhang funded by the use of a knife stabbed the victim Zhao Zhao, Department of joint crime, should be held criminally responsible for the 3 defendants accused of intentional homicide of the criminal responsibility of the defendant, Zhao Moujia Zhao Moujia. For the prosecution of the court to support the allegations and found. The court held that the defendant Zhang proposed a criminal intention and criminal tools, ready to hire others, check out the location, to carry out to kill.