Averaging 18 minutes to score 12 points he is the best helper James + sports reporter Kong Dexin reported that as of now, the Cleveland Cavaliers game can hit 13.2 three pointers, second in the league, behind the Houston rockets, 1.6 higher than men. Hit rate is 37.3%, the union of fifth. This victory over Toronto game, they again hit 13 to three points, hit 10 consecutive season more than three screenings refresh to 10, continue to create their own record. Which is the name of a person have to mention, he is Channing Frye. So far this season, he averaged 18.5 minutes per game can get 12.8 points, he can hit 3.2 three pointers, which accounted for almost 1/4 of the Knights team, more importantly, his hit rate is more than 50%. As a high efficiency Fulaiben outside the fort, the season is quite amazing. On the face of a wasp, Frye at the three point 12 to 6, the game went further, only 8 shots hit the 5 ball. Don’t cast much light and fry, good, also cast a very key. Today when 59 seconds left in the game, he received a pass James at the top of the arc by Lori, Bayan is a record three points hit. The ball to help the knight at the last moment to overtake 2 points, has established the victory, which is already in the fourth section, he cast a third into three points. In the face of the Eastern Conference finals last year old rival Toronto, Knight won the game for the last time, Frye paratelum 13 point performance contributed. "Today’s game is really crazy, we’ll be a little behind. He played very well, he got 21 points, and the defensive side also sent a cap. He’s been shooting well, and today he hit some key shots." The coach of the talent, Lu big man in the game full of praise. In fact, Frye’s performance is not even in this season is not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, began to appear signs of. Since the middle of last season since he joined the knights, in three from the fire has become one of the most trusted James. We can look at a simple performance after he came to the three Cleveland: 2015-16 114 regular season 43 for 38% 2015-16 playoff 46 voted 26 to 57% 2016-17 regular season 51 voted 26 to 51% users with snacks P graph for a hot fry more than 33 year old veteran, stable output of this kind of valuable, too it is his play Knight currently holds second of the League averaged three hits. When James put the ball seat Frye, the big man can make you satisfied, and his three points and assists James also has a mutual achievement means (the latter currently assists per game ranked third in the League). "If I don’t shoot if they would scold me," Fulaisai after referring to her 10 throw in 7 when the joke. So all I have to do is keep shooting." Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP