China Hashake family player stunning Kuala Lumpur 8 seconds end Brazil master – Sohu sports in September 2, 2016 eight pm ONE Championship started in Kuala Lumpur, one of Chinese players wonderful performance shocked the audience. The first game is Chinese player Zhang Youliang against Russia’s Rene Catalan, the outstanding performance of Zhang Youliang after 3 rounds of fighting unfortunately lost. A war next is very exciting, China Kazakh players and Nur de Buick against Brazil player BRUNO PUCCI, just 8 seconds to quickly end the opponent. The beginning of the game, Noord Buick on the performance of the excited, quickly resorted to two mighty unusual swings in mind to seize the opportunity, then staged a landmark to hit boxing, directly to the opponent to surrender! And this set of action down just 8 seconds! The lightning end is the third victory of his professional MMA. After the game Nur de Buick said excitedly "in the ONE championship at the high level of competition, I can quickly end the opponent, I know my hard work was not wasted, this is a validation of my own strength, it will inspire me to work even harder to prove himself." At the same time, he also said that he can have a large part of today’s results thanks to his coach, in addition to their own pre match psychological work done, so there is no pressure in the game. From the practice fighting Buick, there has been a hero dream, like every outstanding players, his growth path is his dream on the road of life, every day the highly repetitive hone his mind and will, for him, the most interesting thing to play with teammates on video features study on many well-known players. Day after day training, the achievements of today’s him. Talking about their training experience, Buick said Noord fun, "the club has an old bag from a very early start, than some of the players are older now team." The top lap of the tape, telling a stubble stubble to leave traces of it, but it is also the pride of it, millions of times to be hit by a Buick like the same as the champion. Now he has become the champion, still have to continue to practice the most basic playing sandbags every day, every day with him many times completely impossible to calculate. Faint memories of Buick’s meditation, which is also the experience of most of the elite athletes. Day after day of endless training and countless sweat, to build their daily, but victory makes it all so worthwhile. He referred to the next target, Buick said: "surely more hard training to defend my honor and will continue to prove himself in the ONE Championship game." Internationally, the definition of "quick termination" is defined as a victory over 10 seconds. Nur de Buick in a foreign country through their own powerful strength not only set a new record Chinese players in the ONE championship at the international stage "end", also reflects the progress of the overall level of Chinese MMA at present! 8 seconds of lightning KO international audience to see the strength of China’s integrated combat, but also to the people to see.