Harden shouted to 2K users to the war victory over the penalty on buzzer three Harden fans against 2K by himself thrown into the buzzer three Tencent sports news September 8th today Houston rockets superstar James Harden’s Tencent in studio, "Harden Chinese –" beard lying body activities. In the interactive link, harden and lucky friends LeYang staged a showdown in the NBA2K game. Harden with friends staged 2K chose their duel harden the Houston rockets, lucky friends LeYang chose the Portland trail blazers. Due to limited time, the two sides only play 1 minutes per section. An opening is harden demonstrates the skill of gaming skills, quickly took the lead. Before the end of the first quarter, harden controls the game of "harden" dribble a dragon, after continuous shaking at 45 degrees on the right side of the buzzer hit three points! End the first half with 10:2. Interestingly, in the cast handle buzzer after three minutes, confident harden and he arose from his seat, and the game of "harden" almost at the same time make the right finger movements. The third section harden is still dominant in the scene. A step in the manipulation of "European layup harden", "beard" shouted "and one (2+1), but the game not to harden the face, not only the shot did not enter the referee nor whistle. But this does not affect the mood and harden their final "beard" with 19:8 big score to win. (Niu Niu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.