In the Reserve League in Shanghai on the Hong Kong Youth Championship, highlighting the strength of sports Sohu Beijing time on October 27th morning, with the Shandong Luneng team lost 1-2 to Chongqing Lifan, the Hong Kong Shanghai reserve team 1-0 victory over Tianjin TEDA, Shanghai on the Hong Kong Football Club reserve team won the first super champions, breaking the previous six years in Shandong this monopoly champion luneng. The Hong Kong team on the Hong Kong youth coach micro-blog this morning in Tianjin with the winning goal for Lin Chuangyi, 1-0 victory over Tianjin TEDA team, to 20 wins 3 flat 6 negative 63 points ahead of a record, won the Reserve League champion. In the two round of the season with the Luneng reserve team in the fight, the team on the Hong Kong team of the top 1 wins and 1 draws. The previous 29 games finished, the Hong Kong reserve team attack and defense with the best data, scored only 70 goals lost 22 goals, the first is well deserved. On the reserve team in the reserve team in the League to win, because the club on the perfect green team. U19 all sports team with the elite team, to U17, and then to U15 and U14, the Hong Kong Club has completely in accordance with the Chinese Football Association and the super access standards equipped with all the youth training echelon. Among them, the most eye-catching is led by the Shanghai football legend Cheng Yaodong U19 national team, the team had 14 people played in Hong Kong first team or club, more 6 people selected the Yaqingsai training list, is the largest in the club.