The economic downturn reduced land off the Cai Yingwen administration under protest – Beijing, caught in the quagmire of mainland tourists to reduce the economic downturn the authorities frequently caught in the quagmire – Cai protest party towards the victory of September, Cai Yingwen Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the office staged several large-scale demonstrations. In September 3rd, 93 in the Catholic parade attracted 250 thousand people (police conservative estimate is 145 thousand, and the organizers expected beforehand only 100 thousand); in September 12th, the mainland tourists to Taiwan decreased sharply, a serious impact on the tourism industry, including hotels, travel agencies, tour buses, tour guides and other 11 islands in related industries composed of millions of sightseeing industry self will convene two million people took to the streets to protest against the Taiwan authorities asked authorities to address industrial dilemma. This is the Taiwan tourism industry for the first time in history on the streets; in addition, military and government personnel in October will take to the streets to protest, other industries are brewing. Continuously parade not only ahead of the end of the Cai Yingwen administration and the voters of the "honeymoon period", and indicates that the Cai Yingwen administration would be mired in frequent street protests of the vortex. These large-scale demonstrations to protest the people of Taiwan, the authorities do not want to admit that the 92 consensus, resulting in cross-strait exchanges interrupted, landing to reduce the number of tourists to Taiwan, Taiwan’s economy has been declining indignation. The Cai Yingwen administration to blame or whether the opposition in the Democratic Progressive Party, are regarded as the general Catholic Kuomintang "iron ticket force", they want to repair, insulting them a chance to provoke social opposition, especially want to provoke youth, workers, farmers and fishermen on the military and government dissatisfaction, repeatedly attacked government with "80% return salary, eighteen lie (18%) preferential deposit interest" is a social "fat cat", "worms", is "a handful of privileged". Mr Ma Ying-Jeou, who had tried to forced authorities to cancel the "special care for military and government personnel". Now they have full power, not to abandon the old thinking, will continue the pension reform the social problem of political, military and government to insult from top to bottom, continue to let hatred government groups of social atmosphere spread. If the DPP believes in Catholic treatment unreasonable and illegal, including Cai Yingwen served as office DPP public officials can start from ourselves, refused to receive "Eighteen party", however, they are all good after the "thief" to someone else poured dirty water, how not to make people angry? At the same time, since the ruling, Cai authorities to eliminate social rebound at "huaqianxiaozai". Before the end of August, the carrying amount of money to buy the CAI Ping "will reach ten billion yuan (NT, the same below), an average of 1 days 1 hundred million. Among them, about 1 billion yuan to appease the protest China Airlines employees and highway toll, 9 billion used to hire overseas power group to compensate for the waste nuclear power after the electric energy gap. Recently, the authorities for CAI GDP "Paul 1 (1% growth rate)" to spend 340 billion yuan to expand investment, experts believe it is not an antidote against the disease for the present economic deterioration, of no avail, the money will eventually be for naught; to promote the "New South" authorities Cai preparations for the 4 billion to 18 countries with the Asia Pacific region. From all walks of life also believes that this is an utterly inadequate measure).