A number of internationally renowned institutions will participate in the Beijing International Sports Health Conference – Beijing, Beijing, Beijing in September 29, the reporter learned from the Beijing international sports health conference was informed that the international well-known universities, research institutions have excellent traditional sports of the North Carolina State University that will participate in the 2016 Beijing international okstar sports health conference and said the huge potential is very important Chinese sports health market, the future hope to have more academic exchanges and research prospect of sharing platform. According to the conference organizers in Beijing City Sports Industry Association, the introduction of the team of top experts international well-known universities, research institutions to share, has become one of the focus of the work of the annual normalization, to promote the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the country in sports science and technology exchange has important significance. To promote the healthy development of sports science, Chinese "as the theme of the 2016 Beijing international conference will be held at the city sports health, Live – HI-PARK Wukesong basketball park in China from October 14th to 16, with three new platform to build the sports field of" professional + industry + technology ", and focus on sports performance, physical training young children’s sports long-term development pattern, public health and private education four hot plate training and certification, injury prevention and rehabilitation training to correct in today’s society need to solve the proposed solution. According to reports, the conference received strong support from the domestic and foreign senior experts, scholars and coaches and universities and research institutions, including the Rio Olympics Chinese Olympic delegation and the service of the foreign occupation Sports League athletic performance coach PC, physical therapist PT, anti movement nurse AT came out, more from the University of Leipzig in Germany, Cologne Sports University Ukraine Kiev Sports University, North Carolina State University, Eastern Michigan University, Springfield Sports Institute, the The University of British Columbia and Edith Cowan University in Australia and the world famous sports school to join. The University of North Carolina, founded in 1789, is the oldest public university in the United states. Excellent research ability and excellent teaching quality, so that the prestigious university of North Carolina, but also for the field of sports science and technology to transport a large number of high-quality personnel and research and development of a number of high-tech. In addition, the University of North Carolina basketball team is the College Basketball League in the United States with a great reputation, has won the league title, is a traditional American basketball school. The greatest basketball Jordan, James Michael, Vincent Carter, Jamieson worthy and Jerry Stackhouse out of the school. Springfield College is an American university has a long history and famous sports talent training, Springfield College in more than 100 years, has cultivated a large number of physical education teachers, scientific research and management personnel, many outstanding scholars and alumni sports organization leader. Springfield College has also trained a lot of sports professionals for China, Japan, Korea and some European and American countries, which has contributed to the development of international sports education. The German Institute of physical education is the only university in Germany, with 19 research institutes, is the world’s largest sports university, in teaching and research strength, has been in a leading position in the international arena. (end)