Embarrassed! Arsenal played down prince more smelly has dragged Wilkshire looks very depressed on relegation team sina sports clubs to avoid relegation from the Premier League team, this did not seem to be able to slow down the speed of Wilkshire. The game Bournemouth 0-4 defeat to Manchester City, Prince Ye’s performance suffered criticism. It is because of his failure to lose the ball and reckless foul, de Blau Hei to a wonderful free kick early for the blue moon opener. After losing the ball, Wilkshire’s performance is more sluggish, the basic will not produce any threat to Manchester city". Away from Manchester City is Wilkshire’s first appearance after the transfer. A Bournemouth 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion, Wilkshire played in the sixty-third minute substitute. After the game coach Howie thinks he can control the ball in midfield, performance is very good. Wilkshire in Bournemouth to break a world of their own, "I want to play as much as possible, that those people questioned my career is wrong." Wilkshire first half only 15 foot ball but his name plan did not seem to put this game included, prematurely conceded harm to Prince ye. BBC statistics, Wilkshire in the first half of a total of only 15 foot ball, only teammates Abby (13), the latter in the second half started off. BBC said Wilkshire was on the field to watch the game". The Squawka Football gives more specific data, Wilkshire only 5 feet in the first half pass. "At least pass success rate is one hundred percent." Squawka joked. Prince ye first half 5 times pass line reporter BBC Stone commented: "Wilkshire is not a member of the team in the attack, he was unable to launch an effective attack, seems doomed to lose." "Daily Mail" that Bournemouth fourth ball is entirely the responsibility of Wilkshire, "it is because of random ball Wilkshire penalty, to seize the opportunity to counterattack de bruyne, finally let gundogan scored a goal." In fact, Wilkshire was much better in the second half than the first half. The second half coach Howie changed Werwilson, Wilkshire’s role has been activated. A prince ye first half performance and coach Paibingbuzhen downturn. Howie Wilkshire and Abby want to rely on other players to play together, but in the main ball face of Manchester City, Bournemouth with almost no way only cannot withstand a single blow, players play a long ball. That’s why Wilkshire didn’t get the ball. Wilkshire and Phil Nandy Neo against the left Arsenal on loan to Bournemouth, British media said that Wilkshire himself proposed to Wenger, with Zacca join Arsenal midfielder Wilkshire has been hard to find yourself a galaxy of talents, the position of. Prince ye hope that this "decentralization" to own the original loan Bolton, after a season of training, will once again return to the main position to return to arsenal. After last season’s injury, Wilkshire has not been able to find the best condition. Injured during a bar brawl also exposed the farce, Wenger appears on the quite the character of 90 players is also head.