2 to 0 victory over Chievo Juve continue to lead the Serie A – Beijing Serie A this morning zhanba sixth, the defending champions Juventus away to 1 to 0 victory over Palermo, the last runner up Naples home court beat Chievo to 2 than 0. In the standings, Juventus 5 wins and losses of 15 points to continue to lead the team, Naples, followed by a difference of 1 points followed by. Milan international last night by Bologna and home court, plot 11 points ranked third. Juventus striker Baala is good at in the frontcourt attack series soul, coach Allegri this season either use Baala and Gonzalo Higuain striker Baala and Manju Kikki combination, or use the striker combination, which makes "nine and a half" Baala a lot of pressure. In this challenge Dibalalaodong home game in Palermo, the Allegri to the Argentina star on the bench for the first time, Gonzalo Higuain and Manju Kikki striker combination. Gonzalo Higuain and Manju Kikki did not grasp the chances, Juve scored the only goal in forty-ninth minutes, Alves caused her long-range Palermo defender Geer Dani Fagafaga own goal. Juventus in the right wing position there are two main candidates, namely Alves and Leigh F Steiner, who did not sign in the Champions league. Juventus will on the early morning of September 28th in the Champions League away to dynamo Zagreb, according to common sense should be Leigh F Steiner in the Serie A play, Alves played in the Champions league. Allegri field has been put on the bench, the use of the Brazil star Alves returns received by. Juventus in the Champions League poor start, the first round was forced into Seville in 0 compared to 0 in the home court, the rest is Dibala arrangements for the Champions league. Allegri commented on the striker’s performance after the game: "Gonzalo Higuain and Manju Kikki to support the midfield, I think they do well. The two of them did not cooperate with each other before, but it was normal to consider their characteristics. At the end of the game, they all make sacrifices for the team." Naples also left the force for the Champions League, scored two goals in the Champions League first round of the Poland striker Milike put on the bench, with Italy striker with BYD, as the arrow. Twenty-fourth minutes, Hamm Sieck cross over the top, kaliehong restricted the right to do, plus BYD, left foot tuishe scoring his first goal of the season. Thirty-ninth minutes, Hamm Sieck shot the ball 100th into the Naples representative, to seal the victory for the team. Naples record is 4 wins and 2 draws, becoming the only unbeaten serie a team this season. Captain Hamm Sieck said after the game: "very happy to milepost type scored goals, especially as a midfielder, but it is essential to win the team, we need to concentrate on the Champions league." Milan international home court 1 1 draw with Bologna, the end of the 3 league wins. Destro fourteenth minutes against his former club goal, but Candreva assists Perisic to help his team. Newspaper reporter Liu Dawei J190