Atletico goalkeeper GIF- C will open up! Luo Luo C goal kick + burst C Ronaldo free kick Tencent sports news November 20th twelfth round of La Liga Atletico Madrid Derby game, home court against Real Madrid (data). Twelfth minutes, Marcello left the fast break in the area, C Luo leaping high to the header, Oblak saved the ball over the line! Gaby catch C in time before, when the rescue. C, the first time the ball to the referee had complaints over the line, but were ignored. Twenty-third minutes, Vasquez down the savage backcourt foul, C Ronaldo kick right foot shot, the ball in the Oblak line, in case of loss of focus save less, 0-1! Real Madrid won the lead! This is the C Robben season sixth league goals, but also his nearly 7 Madrid Derby first break. Seventy-first minutes, the box hook down savage high-speed plug C Ronaldo, the referee whistled for a penalty decisively C Luo kick cheat Aubrac low shot nets, 0-2! C ROM may open two degrees! This is C Ronaldo in Madrid Derby scored seventeenth goals, tied Di Stefano. Seventy-seventh minutes, a quick counterattack against Real Madrid, Isko volley beautiful pass into the box back, Baer, C Ronaldo on hand to easily tuishe, 0-3! C Luo finished hat trick!