Beikong exposure annual salary of 7 million invited K League coach who battle the 02 World Cup – Sohu sports media screenshot   Beijing on October 23rd news, the South Korean media quoted the Japanese media reported that South Korea K League of Ulsan modern coach Yin Jinghuan was Chinese and the Japanese team competition. This winter, he and the Ulsan modern 2 year contract expires, or stay as overseas League Challenge has become the focus of attention. It is reported that a team in Beijing Beikong club out of the annual salary of 7 million yuan for Yin Jinghuan (about 1 billion 150 million won) to the conditions at the helm. At present, the two sides entered a formal negotiation stage. Korean media reports, Japan’s J2 Cerezo Osaka team also phase Yin Jinghuan, hoping that the marshal returned to Japan coach, the Japanese team’s capital obviously cannot match in recent years to buy the world famous football Chinese explosion team. Beijing Beikong Club opened more than 1 billion 100 million won for him, about 7 million yuan per year, the Japanese team is out of the price of the two times "the agent is Jinghuan Yin with China talks." Reported that the Beijing enterprises from the 7 years since 2009 were replaced by 8 coach, while Yin Jinghuan is currently in Ulsan the annual salary of 300 million won, "Chinese team out of the astronomical salary seems to have no reason to refuse him, that he went to the possibility of considerable Chinese coaching. Yin Jinghuan coached in the J League and the K League, he began coaching J League Sagan Tosu 4 season from 2008, the first year he coached the team from J2 on the promotion of J1 League, J league season 2014 midway suddenly accept Ulsan’s invitation to return to the Korean football coach, 2+1, he signed a contract with the club. He is also good at the Ulsan team’s coaching achievements, Ulsan is now in the K League in fourth, in the remaining 3 games could rise to third, and won the championship in the FA Cup, are likely to get the next AFC Champions League appearance qualification. The 43 year old Yin Jinghuan as a midfielder who participated in the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, but also in the K league team effectiveness, the number of appearances to reach the number of games in the J League, the number reached 165 games. Retired after the transition to the coach. Korean media said, Yin Jinghuan is a contract with Ulsan or choose to join a team, will be finalized this month. He is currently in an interview, to be on the team invites rumors cautiously responded: "at present is to prepare for the Samsung Bluewings and the FA Cup semi-final, hoping to win the game for the team to qualify for next year AFC Champions League." (Mai Yuan)