Firepower! Ding Junhui fired two Pobai 6-2 in Stevens [collection] Ding Junhui boom two Pobai 6-2 in the Stevens sports Tencent in October 25th, 20162017 snooker season Daqing National Championships continue, Ding Junhui excellent condition in the second round, hit 2 Pobai 3 bar 50+, the final 6-2 win over Welsh "dragon" Stevens, into the country after 16 Championships will be against Walton. Ding Junhui this season, the Shanghai masters broke 29 month Title Drought, in Daqing on the national championships, Ding Junhui qualifying even saved match point then reversed Mann, now the first round of the tournament’s 6-1 Grace. In the second round, Ding Junhui opponent is veteran Stevens, after the two men played the 8 time, winning the absolute advantage of the negative of the 7 wins and losses of up to 1. In the first game, Stevens is a long table with signs of scoring at the bottom of the bag red, then scored 24 points after K ball pile failure, Stevens long Taiwan red ball into the storm. Ding Junhui seize the opportunity to start scoring in a row, this attack shows a good ability to surround the ball, even 116 points to win the first 1-0. Ding Junhui in the second continuation of the excellent accuracy, a long table into the bag at the end of the red ball to get started, even 82 hours after the super snooker could not make himself Pobai, two straight ahead 2-0. Although the third game Stevens still maintain a precise long table, but scored 13 points after being disturbed by the audience sneeze mistakes. Ding Junhui then has not been able to seize on the mobile phone will get a chance, Stevens once again through the long table, a super win this board a board, score 1-2 behind. Fourth Stevens kicked off the bag red Ding Junhui scored out, after simple basketball mistakes. Then the game into long time safety battle, Stevens Taiwan again won the opportunity, 59-1 points after the end of the bag into the ball. Ding Junhui tried to do but leakage at the bottom of the bag red snooker, Stevens scored a win that game, even after the score 2-2. 15 minutes after the break, the fifth inning start stage stalemate put back the ball, Ding Junhui long table into the ball, Stevens scored 14 points after the call a black failure, then the solution could not leave the yellow ball to free ball. Ding Junhui choose coffee ball free kick did not scored, but then Stevens fight the ball mistakes again missed the ball, Ding Junhui started over 3-2 ahead again. Stevens in the sixth inning long Taiwan, Ding Junhui 13 points after the end of the bag powder ball mistakes, Stevens then scored 47 points after the basketball mistakes again. Ding Junhui began to chase points, 41-47 finally after a red ball called bit errors, red for Stevens error penalty free kick left, then Ding Junhui started to hit the green ball after failure. Stevens, under the excellent situation, 54-68 after the end of the bag into the bag for basketball, Ding Junhui kindly gift win this board, 4-2 lead. In seventh, Stevens won a lucky ball to use, then scored 39 points after the small angle at the bottom of the bag is not able to penetrate the ball, Ding Junhui won the best to this situation, rod Ding Junhui single shot 73 points to win, leading 5-2 to get the match point. In eighth Stevens was the first on the mobile phone, scored 38 points after the attack of wrong doing, safety contention Stevens ball eating)