Badaling zoo visitors change new car agreement obligations more clearly – Beijing in August 25th, because of "tiger bite incident closed for a month in Badaling wild animal world recovery park. Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that, as before the accident, self driving tourists to visit the zoo to sign an agreement with the zoo, but lower than before the increase of visitors driving speed, zoo duty etc.. Before the accident the "self driving tour the park car damage responsibility agreement", since the drive into the beast area must be shut down and lock car doors and windows into the park, banned feeding, non off, the rest for some vehicles in the constraint. The new "self driving tour the park agreement" agreement will be divided into twelve parts, in addition to the old agreement or the content, also provides a self driving garden charges, the zoo shall perform the relevant safety management responsibilities, including the obvious traffic warning signs, configure security settings such as the beast area patrol car in the park. The new agreement also provides for the speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour, and keep the distance of not less than 20 meters. In addition, before admission, visitors should truthfully inform the health status of the personnel on the car. BYD reporter noted that the new protocol, three terms are underlined and bold painting, including tourists self driving tour when the beast must close the car door locks, prohibit leaving driving vehicles and windows, park telephone etc.. 26 PM, Badaling wild animal world caoxing BMC official told reporters that the new agreement is after the accident, the zoo according to the law and related government departments to check the legal department, and the recommendations of the original agreement, the amendment, "the starting point of our modified is to park and tourists, the responsibilities of both parties more specific obligations." For the new deal, some provisions was bold and underlined, the responsible person, this is to remind the tourists to pay more attention to these terms. BYD reporter learned that the tourists to buy tickets, the zoo staff will also provide a "self driving tour the park agreement", tourists need to sign in and leave the relevant information. The responsible person said, visitors to the contents of this agreement agreed and signed, it can be self driving tour in the park, if you do not agree, can take a sightseeing bus tour, "if the car and others who peers, then the signature in the agreement, who have the responsibility of the person in the car will do the contents of the agreement let us know." Text newspaper reporter Huang Xiaojing