The card in the battle, if Lippi do these two points, the Orangemen will greatly increase the chance of winning the Sohu sports one day, Chinese team will usher in the first race of the Lippi era, in the face of the Qatar team, Chinese team have a chance on them to take all three points? In fact, the Qatar team is not so strong as we imagined, as many as four players because in the same team in Iran have been banned in violation of moral behavior in sport. Defender Hassan was suspended for 3 games, Abdulrahman, Abdullah and Muff Tagg were each suspended for 2 games. For the Orangemen, the main opponent suspension will undoubtedly increase the hope of winning, but China team did not underestimate the enemy’s capital, after the opponent Sebastian had such power to send players. First of all, Qatar is a team with a strong impact! Defense in the first half, is the key to the success of the Chinese team! ] for so many years, Qatar has been an extremely sharp counterattack in the team, and Qatar’s numerous encounters, the Orangemen are opposite because back and suffer heavy losses! For Lippi, the first half of the match, Chinese men must not to attack, be sure to watch each other’s back. Qatar’s frontcourt players technical ability and physical qualities are in Asia, once let the other form back, forming a little or equal number of Chinese team is difficult to carry out the defense. In addition to Lippi’s arrangement, on the field the players must pay attention to, don’t throw the ball in his back and in midfield, once the ball, it will directly lead to counterattack, midfielder and defender back against less will cause serious consequences. Qatar is a team in the second half prone to a larger mood swings, the second half to strengthen the offensive is the best opportunity for the Chinese team! This team is always Qatar] typical potential ball cheer team, if they took the lead in the score, so they can easily on the other hand, if they follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Jiugong, it must also be psychologically, a certain volatility. In the game with Iran, Qatar appeared in the second half of the slack, this performance is directly reflected in the defender and goalkeeper body, the defender’s back is not timely, but also directly led to the ball. In the Chinese team into the top 12 of the most crucial game, the Chinese team 2:0 victory over opponents, while the Chinese team’s goal is to complete the second half of the two! For the game of the Chinese team, the first half of the game if you can guarantee a 0:0 draw, then the second half of the game, China will have a great chance to beat the opponent! Let’s cheer for the Chinese team!