Don’t YY! Do not want to be distracted by the free market clear Curitiba will renew 30 warriors curry goal in the blink of an eye with halo Adu Nowitzki Tencent sports news September 28th next summer, Stephen – Curitiba, have the opportunity to enter the free market. As one of the hottest players in the league today, many teams want him. But now, these teams can dispel the idea, because the bank has made clear that the free market does not want to be distracted, he will renew and warriors. Curitiba focused when the new season in 2013, and the warriors curry signed a 4 year contract worth $44 million, the next summer, he had the opportunity to enter the free market. As early as last season, there are news reports that the next offseason, some teams in the League will be chased to curry, but in an interview today, the library has made clear that he will stay at the warriors. Today in an interview, when a reporter asked whether the return of curry, next summer’s optimism, Curitiba replied in the affirmative. The reporter asked, the new season, when the team went to Sherlock or other city to play, if he wishes to free market problems become the focus of attention, Curitiba responded, "I don’t hope so, because we have to worry about that summer, this year, my answer will not have what different." In the past season, Kevin – Durant has experienced these, no matter what city, there will always be a reporter asked him about the free market problems. When a reporter asked whether he would curry, when to consult Durant curry said, "maybe, but I won’t let that disturb me. I want to get back here, I like to play here, that’s it. The rest, I only care about this year, we will play what kind of performance." Last season, Curitiba, averaging 30.1 points, had 2.1 steals, hit 805 balls, 402 three pointers, the four data are first in the league. In the MVP award, unanimously elected curitiba. Of course, the library, the 2016-17 season is also a challenge, because Kevin Durant joined the team this summer. Last season, people are always talking about Durant may join the question where this is more or less affected by the thunder. Obviously, the library did not happen early, their willingness to renew attitude announced, it will bring help to the crown road warriors. (see) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.