Liu Zheng: all right here CBA perimeter player collision strong Liu Zheng sina sports news – Times reporter Huang Wen Hu Junwei photo Chengyu Youth Times News: CBA after the five round, Zhejiang Guangsha team 4 wins and 1 losses, steady progress, tonight they will in the home court against the enemies of Shandong team. Go back, Guangsha although access to respite, but the team did not slack, has been preparing for Sunday’s match, physical training and training with the ball a decline. Yesterday, when a reporter walked into the hall, see the players Guangsha collective hair, especially Liu Zheng will be on both sides of the hair all off particularly the spirit of Sun Minghui, Zhao Yanhao, "and some of them go to cut, very satisfied with his new hairstyle, I cut my hair in the style of Taiwan is." When talking to the team, Liu Zheng was serious, but also a completely new team for him tonight against Shandong team, "I haven’t met for CBA’s rivals can be said to be absolutely ignorant of, but no matter which opponent, I will try my best to win for the team." However, for the league, Liu Zheng slowly have their own understanding, "the collision here is very strong, need more strong body, another side of the perimeter players are generally good, if you want to find their own position, at least to do with them as quasi." 5 games 4 starts, averaging 20 minutes, Liu Zheng was able to hand over 7 points and 3.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 2 steals, 2 point ball hit rate of 62%, the 3 pointer hit rate reached 50%. A CBA rookie can have such a comprehensive and efficient performance has been very good, but at the end of the training, Liu Zheng continued to stay in Riga arena to practice shooting, maintain the outside handle. Because he firmly believes that only the vote will be able to stand steady. Interestingly, Liu Zheng also secretly practiced the a free throw, he told reporters: "if one day feels really good, you can try another way." In addition to the league’s different intensity of confrontation, CBA’s long-distance running also makes Liu Zheng a little uncomfortable, Taiwan League in the same place to play 2 or 3 weeks to change places, and CBA fly around. This requires players to ensure that the rest of the time, while paying attention to the body, or easily affected the team."