The 2016 Buick golf league second round of heavy rain nanzu determination to win – Sports Sohu in September 9th, 2016, the Buick Club League finals second round of battle. Today’s four two game continues in the intermittent rain. A heavy rain at noon because there is no lightning, so the game did not pause. What was the weather yesterday, players mentality is more calm, the only constant is the attitude and determination to win regardless of the weather. About 5.5 hours of intense competition, it is not only a skill contest, is the multiple test of physical and psychological. After the second round, the members of the group, Yunnan jade Longwan team Lei Shengsheng and Ding Yiwen played 78 shots, and played a shot of the pole of the team, and played by the team, the team played a total of 79 shots, and played the role of the team. Although the number of partners in the two groups is not the best in the member group, but by virtue of yesterday’s leading edge, they still remain ahead. "Played 10 years Buick League, this is the most difficult game I play." Liu Guoliang said, "at noon when it rains, the fairway becomes very soft, it is difficult to play the distance. Although I play the white Tee, or very difficult, it is difficult to think of the standard pole green." See, the rain let veteran a little too much. "It is easy to play fairway soft thin or thick, the more think, the more error prone." In the finals, Liu Guoliang took back to the. After the finals, he is going to rest for a period of time. In fact, I have a rest before the game for some time, if not the Buick League finals, I certainly will not come." Liu Guoliang said. Hebei Cangzhou celebrities today’s ranking rose to second place. Wang Yongming and He Yuli played 77 shots, Lu Xin and played out of the 79 shots of the. He Yuli said: "we played well today, 3 hole in the East, Wang Yongming almost a hole. We start from the 10 hole, some mistakes appear after the transition. In a short four hole, because the fairway water is more serious, at a distance of 80 yards we hit the green thick, but it is not good to eat in Shuangbai had a chance to avoid bird hole. However, there will always be regret playing golf, otherwise it will not be fun." Wang Yongming said: "last year, when we played two goals in the final, we also played a total of 77 shots. It’s been raining all the time. So can play this kind of performance is pretty good. Hit second has exceeded expectations." Cangzhou celebrity, Huizhou Luan, Beijing Longxi Hotspring sports club, Shenzhen lake, Qingdao international in three to six, and the total score is the difference across the bar. The open group, Beijing nupeng also maintained a leading position in the first round. Chen Shuxin and Huang Hongsheng played 71 shots, and played the ball with the rod of 75, as of the time of the game, with the team playing for the first time in the past two years. Guangdong Gaopeng ranked second. Jane strong and Huang Hao shot 71, Pang Haoquan and Xie Jienan shot 76. Guangxi hawks two group by 147 shots behind in third, Wuhan, Chongqing and Dongguan poly dragon and tiger eagle with two rounds of 292 tied for fourth. "When the rain was the biggest, we hit holes 14 and 15. At that time, the impact distance is very serious, but we still played two pa." Chen said, "yesterday we played well today, will continue to adopt.