Zidane: Barcelona without Messi is the older the stronger C Ronaldo Zidane: BBC will do a better job of sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th morning, Real Madrid will face Las Palmas on the road, in the pre match press conference, coach Juande Zidane Biu, Messi’s injury will indeed have Barcelona strength greatly weakened, and said C, along with the increase of age, is becoming more and more powerful. In the last round of Barcelona’s game against Ma Jing, Messi because of injury after the early departure, Barcelona official also announced that Messi will miss 3 weeks, for the injured Messi, Zidane said: "we all know that for Barcelona Messi how important, I don’t think Messi lost to Barcelona would be devastating the blow, they are still a very good team, but obviously, Barcelona did Messi just like two teams." Speaking of Messi, naturally can not help but mention C Luo, for their love, Zidane said: C Lo is a very good player, with age, his strength is rising. If we start talking about C, I’m afraid I’ll never stop. What I admire most is C’s great desire for victory, which is not what the average player can have. The hardest thing to do on the football field is how to score a goal, and C is very clear how to score the goal." In the game against against Villarreal, Real Madrid in the first half performance is very good, this Zidane said: "at half-time, we have 10-15 minutes to talk to these changes by. Through the intermission, we did a better job. We have a good attitude in the first half, but we need a sense of tension, if you can not suppress the other side in the opening, I wonder if the other side will make trouble for you in the game." In the last game, BBC combination failed to get a goal, Zidane also expressed some dissatisfaction: BBC performance in the game can be, but in fact, they can do better. This is a very common thing for them, even if they have scored three goals, but they still have endless potential. I’m against Villarreal for the game in the first half was very dissatisfied, not because of a player, but the team is not satisfied. I’m not going to talk about a player because we’re a team." After morata regression Real Madrid, two of them who will become the first team in the center problem has been the focus of media attention, Zidane replied: "Benzema’s position is not stable enough? Look, what we need is the whole team, we have to play 60 games this season, we need every player to play their own strength, not just Benzema and Morata. We also have Mariano to play, at some point, the team needs him to stand up, he is also a member of the team, we need a lot of players can play this position. Before every game, we will decide who will start the game, Benzema