The experience of automatic driving for half an hour, I began to miss the wheel – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: experience over the past half an hour of the autopilot geekpark, I put the life entirely to a strange, high speed operation of the machine, let it in the highway on the acceleration and deceleration, changing lanes, overtaking. My hands are not on the steering wheel, it is in their own rotation. Yes, this modified Audi A7 is driving automatically. Quickly passing scenery let me in a trance. I’m still complaining about the traffic jam in Beijing the day before, it has been driving this test car speeding on the freeway in Munich. I know that it is not accurate to use the word "driving" because after the control of the steering wheel, my role has changed from "driver" to "passenger". How to drive a car? The white A7, nicknamed Jack, was Audi’s prototype car to test the autopilot technology. It looks bland, but with a "luxury" detection equipment, including cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensor and laser scanner, the trunk is also filled with high performance computer. Jack is testing the autopilot technology will be applied to the next step in the production of cars, but this time is much faster than we thought. In fact, next year the new A8 will be equipped with a part of the automatic driving technology production models. The pictures provided by Audi photographers look quite large. In truly "driving a car" autopilot before, I also do a 007 bond’s "dream" — as long as the press of a button will immediately enter the autopilot car. In fact, there is a very smooth transition between Jack and me, and it doesn’t always turn on autopilot. When I drove up from the ramp and kept running at a constant speed, Jack was able to turn on the "Piloted Driving" mode through the windshield and the car stereo. At the same time, press the steering wheel at 5 and 7 o’clock button, it began to drive automatically. The "Piloted Driving" button on the steering wheel. The bluish green light indicates that Jack has entered the autopilot mode. My hands and feet have been "liberated", the eyes do not need to look at the road, Jack will help me get everything. During the automatic driving wheel will decline, so I have the space — the greater the details really surprised me, because it means that the driver does not need in a "take over" status at any time, and automatic driving technology has come to be considered interactive stage. In the middle of the control of the big screen, there is a small screen to tell the rest of the driving time and Jack to do the next action. Sitting in the back seat