Hot! Wallace Conti hands from the other arms took the ball to Conti the true nature of sina sports news Chelsea Swansea away game in the first half after a sudden change in the situation, bolanbujing, the second half suddenly tense up. Enter the equaliser after Costa, Conti pushed on the sidelines and other players, is a microcosm of the game’s popularity. Costa barb savior after less than 10 minutes left in the game, then Swansea’s Barro and azpilicueta compete for the ball in the ball hit out of bounds. He want to grab the ball directly out of homeopathy, AZP wanted to stop him. At this time, see this scene of a Conti fly into a rage, with vigorous strides forward, left hand pressed Barrow’s waist, right hand straight from the hand ball down at barrow. Conti Barrow turned abruptly after Conti escaped the cut the ball fell to the ground, azpilicueta took the opportunity to drop on the ball, but Barrow is also very dissatisfied and pushing a little Spanish, Chelsea then re attack. Although the final did not exceed the score, but Conti in the game of passion, presumably will give the fans impressed Chelsea. (Zi Quan)