SS5 Chen Feng won the championship stage large cross-country motorcycle race canceled 2016 Chinese rally race SS5 sina sports news, 2016 China Linglong tyre rally for the fifth stage of the competition in September 29th. Will be canceled for security reasons, the motorcycle group match of the day. Automotive Group, luroda lubricants team of Chen Feng Zhou Yuande with 4 hours 51 minutes 42 seconds won the individual tournament first stage of the championship, ZhengXin tire new power marching ants team of Zhang Huijun Wang Yirong and luroda lubricants team Wang Hai Wu army in stage two or three. The fifth stage (Elaeagnus angustifolia Haizi) special stage mileage of 304.14 kilometers, this stage will be the tournament special stage mileage longest desert and because a higher proportion of the difficulty coefficient is big as a watershed in the actual meaning of the. Because of the stage before the half involved in the evening traffic vehicle has the social hazard area for security reasons, the group decided to cancel the motorcycle race. Automotive Group aspects. The stage not only on the driver’s driving technique has a great capacity to challenge but also a test pilot for the right path in the long sand. Luroda lubricants fleet Chen Feng although in the first half of the canyon road has experienced some twists and turns, but ultimately rely on his personal ability and the excellent play leading to the second ZhengXin tire new power marching ants team Wang Huijun 8 minutes 25 seconds won the championship stage. More than and 60 kilometers inside the canyon, put a stone over the roof, fortunately, the slow speed, after meeting Guizhou Che Wang Wei Hongjie, he pulled us, but did not pull out, and finally Fan Fan pulled us out. We spare no effort to catch up after simple fix your car, always catch up with sand. Over a large sand hill, saw a lot of cars are looking for the point here, I am very grateful to my pilot, he gave me a direction, no track, ran 3 kilometers more success on that point to eat. To the stage after the half run relatively close, because they know the obvious advantages. In the next game, mainly to practice car based, continue to learn, and constantly improve themselves, Chen Feng said after the game. The day of the game is not only the watershed of the game, from the end of the year, it may also make the brutal title of the annual championship battle firmly in the hands of the road in the sea of oil team Wang hai. He is behind the leader in less than 10 minutes to the stage of finishing third in the game, play the game Wang Hai first thanked the pilot excellent didn’t make any mistakes. His main rival championship, on behalf of Geely bullyear Han Wei SMG team played Liu Kun Pan Hongyu in the first half of the game suffered a fault and the shift lever in the desert and suffered a total of tire waste nearly 1.5 hours of time, this also let Liu Kun in the day after the end of the game for the first time to produce a total score of leading position. But for the next game, only less than 20 minutes after the sea of Liu Kun said that the setback is not what will continue to force. Jiangxi Oriental pioneer racing team Zhong Lei Ma Gang, Jiyuan driving team of Wei Hongjie Guo Jun, Jiangxi Oriental pioneer racing team)