The announcement: 2016 second half of the season will be the 2017 dream Phoenix sports   – Sohu; the 2016 league season has ended, the drow team 12 wins 7 flat 11 negative, accumulate 43 points, sixth in the standings. Before the start of the season, the drow team carefully prepared, to prepare for, shouted slogans Chongchao, but due to various reasons, the lower half of the season, the team standings ranked in the relegation situation. The second half of the season, zall Group heavily hired Ferrara to coach the team, and the introduction of reinforcements, the team has a clear goal, enhance the cohesion and the advanced soccer idea under the influence of the world, began the second half of the season of dreams, Li Zhan two leader, five straight final, finally break into the top half integral. From the performance point of view, this year is worth Study hard and summarize the drow team a year. Adversity will not give up, straight when all along, is the cornerstone of our future to the ladder of success. At the same time, another thing we should always remember the thing is: as long as we do ourselves together, we would not turn over the mountain, we have to walk across the river, no we could not overcome! 2016 is history, thanks to the strong support of the government departments at all levels, for always accompany our news media, fans and friends from all walks of life, are you to help us to complete a memorable season. 2017 coming in all friends, the investment firm zall group to help support, Thatcher team would like the badge on the Phoenix Nirvana, complete! 2016 bye bye! 2017 look at us!