Big fan: the new season 44 win season Jeremy Lin comes hard to let the nets more angry Van Gundy! The 2009 finals against the magic Kobe no solution to Tencent in August 31st according to the sports news website reported the piston, the piston head coach Stan Van Gundy said that the new season Eastern League competition will be more intense, because Jeremy Lin and other new aid so that the nets become stronger, 76 people is no longer the only won 10 games with the team, so the piston must win more games than last season to make the playoffs in the new season. Pistons coach A VanGandy last season, Van Gundy led the pistons won 44 games, the playoffs in the eastern part of the identity of the eighth, than the 2014-15 12 win season games. Van Gundy believes that in order to reach the playoffs, the pistons must be better in the new season. "If you don’t win more games, you will lose your ranking." Van Gundy said, "look at those teams behind the Eastern Conference, they are getting better. I think this is the part that people ignore." Last season after the eastern five teams are magic, bucks, Nicks, nets and 76 people, and last season in the pistons team who won 14 wins 4 of the negative record, but in Van Gundy’s view, the overall strength of the entire eastern alliance, has become stronger, including those teams ranked behind. "76 people will not only win the last 10 games, they will win more games." Van Gundy said, "if you look at the nets in the new season, they will win more games. Many of the teams that missed the playoffs last season, such as bucks, magic and Nicks, are going to get better and it will be even harder to win a lot. I may be wrong, I don’t think 44 wins in the playoffs, I think we will be on the edge of the playoffs, because those teams will improve." Last season, the Cavaliers to 57 wins ranked first in the East, the Raptors ranked second with 56 wins, and eight behind the team wins is from 48 to 41, Van Gundy expects the Eastern League season competition is still very intense. "I think the Eastern Conference will be very competitive. I have said this to our players and to be honest, we have to make it better before we can get into the playoffs again." Van Gundy said, I really think so, because Nicks, magic, bucks, wizards and bulls, they did not reach the playoffs last season. Last season we were eighth in the East and we don’t have a lot of advantages. So hold the eastern eighth is not easy, let alone to enhance the ranking." But Van Gundy love his team, some of the players in the piston this offseason began early training, which makes Van Gundy very satisfied. "I think we can be a better team, there are a lot of teams in the eastern conference." Van Gundy said, I respect the reality, but I am optimistic, we will become better." (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.