Legend: BBC no one can play the main C Ronaldo at Atletico as 1 people playing sports legend – Sohu: BBC no one can play   at Atletico Madrid Derby this weekend; they will be started, this is the Real Madrid and Atletico since last season’s Champions League final for the first time since the battle, currently in La Liga product table 11, Real Madrid game product 27 points on top, Atletico behind 6 points ranked fourth. At Atletico legend Chicco, although Ma Jing in the Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid, but the league is different: "now Atletico 6 points behind 9 points, if the gap becomes Simonyi will be mad, from this perspective Ma Jing more power, and we are the main battle field, so if you must say I am more optimistic about the team, so is Ma Jing." Chicco on behalf of Ma Jing made 225 appearances in the league, scoring 48 goals, is a typical striker, so in his view a key figure in the Real Madrid game is not BBC, but returning to Pepe: "he is the Real Madrid defender, is the best defender in madrid." What’s more, Chicco said he if you want to choose a Real Madrid player to join Atletico, so he would choose Casey Milo or Modri, "maybe I should choose a BBC, but they want to play at Atletico difficult, of course, if playing in the middle, C Luo completely no problem, side no, we already have Carrasco." In view of the Chicco, Atletico Madrid striker for now is very high. "Jackson and Martinez are good players, but if they can’t finish the job, they will be on the bench." Real Madrid’s Morata is very love Chicco player, but due to participate in the national team when injured, Morata will miss the game, "Zidane lost an important substitute, he could come up with an impact force in the last half hour, this is a huge loss." At the same time, Chicco suggested that Simonyi will Kirk on the road, in order to make full use of Casey Milo to Real Madrid injured midfield vulnerabilities. "Real Madrid will generally use 433 lineups, midfielder only three people, and now not in the case of Miro, which means we can put pressure on in midfield." Ma Jing legend also think this game is very important for Zidane, "last season’s success this season, he needs to prove that he is not luck, he must prove that they can control the player, let the team continue last season." () ()