The Russian bombers entered the European multinational airspace normal patrol Russia said the Xinhua News Agency Beijing October 5 Xinhua comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Paris, Moscow correspondent reports: French media quoted the 4 law defense ministry statement said that two Russian bombers figure – 160 September 22nd to enter the European countries was related to national airspace, aircraft to intercept and escorted out of their respective jurisdiction. Russian Defense Ministry said on September 27th, 22 Russian bombers in the northeast of the Atlantic, a sea area to perform a normal patrol mission, by multiple NATO fighter tracking. RAF typhoon fighters to intercept Russian strategic bombers figure -160 (map) Bulletin of the French defense ministry said on the 22 day 9 pm, Norway first discovered two Russian figure 160 bombers entered its airspace, the Norway air force sent two F – 16 fighters to intercept and escort them to the northern waters of Scotland, followed by two British Typhoon fighter "relay to be escorted to the west of Ireland, the French air force dispatched 4 Rafale fighters to intercept and escort in the waters of the Atlantic, and ultimately by the Spanish air force F – 18 fighter escort to the Atlantic west. The French defense ministry said the operation was carried out under the coordination of NATO’s two command centers and the French air operations center, indicating that the European air force can work closely with the ability to protect their airspace. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J said on September 27th, Russia – 160 bombers in northeast the Atlantic, a sea area in the implementation of a normal patrol mission in the 22, by a number of NATO fighter tracking. Russian military aircraft radar transponder in contact with the ground air traffic control personnel has been switched on, but the Russian aircraft has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of international law the use of airspace, civil aircraft and the airspace to maintain a safe distance far enough, and not through the civil aviation flight route. Some western media claimed that the Russian military is their imagination over the sea in Norway illegal flight statement.