Sanming health reform: the "Three Guarantees" can go live in the national health care reform banner? Sohu Sohu health sources in twenty-first Century economic report Wang Yu "the national health care reform at Fujian, Fujian Sanming health watch." From the beginning of 2013, Sanming will "cut off between medicine and the interests of the hospital chain" as the goal of health care reform, caused widespread concern in the industry. Now, the reform of dynamic decision-making, Sanming showed influence on national health care reform trend, while the second half of the Fujian health care reform new action, shows the influence of the fermentation path of sanming. In August 30th, the twenty-seventh meeting of the central deep reorganization passed the opinions on further promoting the reform of the medical and health care system (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion of experience"). The meeting noted that the deepening of the process of health care reform emerged a number of bold exploration and innovation of advanced models to encourage local conditions to promote. There are close to the decision-making level of medical experts revealed to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, health care reform special meeting 27 meeting of the central deep reorganization, issued a summary of the advanced experience of the local documents, this document, Sanming mode accounted for a larger proportion. The central deep restructuring of the twenty-seventh meeting of the "experience" to promote local mature experience. We formulate the "13th Five-Year" health planning and health care reform important documents, also absorbed many places and experience in sanming." In September 8th, Yao Jianhong, deputy director of the State Planning Commission for restructuring the "opinions" experience specifically mentioned "named" sanming. It was also in September 8th, deputy director of the State Planning Commission, and the State Council reform office director Wang Hesheng, in Sanming, summarizes the reform experience of advanced country and the current reform still existing problems, reaffirmed the direction of health care reform to establish a national health conference. This is Wang Hesheng took office after the first public appearance and speech. In July this year, the national two in one to promote the background of the block, Fujian high-profile announced that the province will be completed during the year, the three security". In August, Sanming health reform trader Zhan Jifu was promoted to deputy director of Fujian Provincial Department of finance, responsible for the province’s "Three Guarantees forward". In September 6th, the State Planning Commission Director Li Bin led to the Fuzhou government and the State Planning Commission, Fujian Province signed a cooperation agreement to build, based in Fujian fully affirmed the Central Committee is the use of health care, hospital quality resources committee, to help Fujian to further enhance the health level. Sanming, the "Three Guarantees" is how to promote replication in Fujian province? With the help of "Three Guarantees in Fujian" and in the next set of how big chess? Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter at the end of the twenty-seventh meeting of the central deep restructuring, the first time to Sanming, Sanming health interviewed trader Zhan Jifu and his team. The end of the "Kowloon flood" of the "Three Guarantees" literally, refers to urban workers, urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical financing, management and settlement on the three in one, but also the problem China Medicare has long divided Xinjiang and rule. As the world’s largest medical security system of the new rural cooperative, in 2003 to open the pilot, in full swing in 2008, the number of more than 800 million in 2007 to complete the full coverage by the guardian Planning Commission jurisdiction. ?