The boys were 20 girls romantic confession: you are our lucky little boy was the original title: 20 girls romantic confession: you are our little lucky in November 11th in addition to shopping Carnival Festival, is also single dogs. Wang Xingshuai class 102 College of Foreign Language University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Shenyang still single, which makes many people around him feel "unbelievable", after all, the class of 21 people, in addition to his own no "competitors". And on this day, he received a confession from 20 girls in the class. The netizen evaluation says, double 11 this day not cut the hand of girl are not many, don’t hesitate to persuade Wang picky, quickly start. Zhang Zichuan is the scene of the planner. "A total of 21 students in our class, only he a boy, he is our class’ baby ‘, he is a super good, very honest, usually take care of us. Four years, the eye is about to graduate, we want to give him the last surprise, I hope to give him a good memory, the results of my proposal was unanimously agreed to the entire class of girls. Because he is single, so we chose the day, and a "dog" in the boys’ dormitory building in front of, hope he will take off." Zhang Zichuan told reporters. On this day, all the girls to the class only a boy Wang Xingshuai carefully planned a big surprise, and staged a romantic collective confession". The face of 20 girls intimate blessing, onlookers envy envy hate boys. In November 11th 17, Wang Xingshuai was the 20 armed rose girl surrounded by candles in the central, the mongolia. 20 girls surrounded by Wang Xingshuai sang Hebe Tian’s "lucky", singing songs, girls chanted: "Wang Xingshuai, you are our little lucky!" Carter, the girls group will be in the hands of red roses for Wang Xingshuai, her every rose has a small piece of paper, write the girls for his blessing. "My piece of paper is written" four years together, thank you, wish you can find your little lucky "." Zhang Zichuan said. "They are good, they also meet my luck, I will always love them." Wang Xingshuai said. Source: Shenyang evening news editor: Wu Yan