Yao Ming wrote a review of Olympic career: 08 years of war the United States won the respect of Yao Ming’s writing career of Yao Ming three Olympic memories Biao Huang Zhan flip 08 Olympic Games Chinese defeat to the Rio Olympic Games have ended, the past four games, three times as a player, as a guest commentator’s identity, Yao Ming and the Olympic Games are the zero distance contact. This time, in a place away from the Olympic Games, he wrote his own feelings about the Olympic Games for the players forum website. Compared to those related to the memory of the game, Yao Ming is more concerned about the Olympic Games is to bring inspiration to life. For the first time in the Olympic expedition to Sydney, souvenir shops in an expensive photo so that Yao Ming has never forgotten. Let Yao Ming impressive photos about a picture of the story at that time I was only 20 years old, and several Chinese men’s basketball team together, walking in the Sydney Olympic village. Passing a souvenir shop, my eyes were drawn to a photograph of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony, thousands of athletes throughout the Australian stadium in which to do. In order to take a look at the picture, the photographer must have climbed to the top of the stadium. I know what you’re thinking: "so what?" Everyone has seen a similar picture." But for me, it’s been a long time since the picture was depressed. From the start I see it in the myth: I should be in a corner of the picture, can be found a way to cannot find their trace. I tried to find out the location of our delegation, and as far as I know, we were supposed to be on the runway. But after a fierce look, I looked at the picture and looked, but still nothing, so I looked at it for a long time, the picture in the picture becomes more blurred. I was the tallest man in the stadium, but it seemed as though it had disappeared. Sydney is my first trip to the Olympic Games, so I would like to buy it as a souvenir, but the boss asked 40 Australian dollars (about $200), for me at the time, it’s a bit too expensive. "But, I in this picture!" I try to bargain with him, but the boss said no way waved to me. Perhaps it is because he didn’t understand my English at primary level, or he did not want to sell for $40 below the price, then I left the store, full of ideas are: he didn’t believe me in that picture. More than 12 people in the national team after lunch in, it is our country’s capital, Beijing, to host the Olympic Games, I am no longer a child, I have grown up as the team leader. Just 3 days before the opening ceremony, we also played a warm-up match with the Russian men’s basketball team, Kirilenko was still for the national team, we played a very bad game, where not feel right. After the game, the Mavericks general manager Donny · Nielsen rushed into our locker room, he was also serves as the Chinese basketball consultant, he angrily said: "if you like this game, maybe you shouldn’t be unveiled at this session of the Olympic Games belong to you." We feel ashamed, only 3 days away from the Olympic opening ceremony, from the first game is only 5 days.