Dishwashing detergent will not be harmful to the body? Sohu health detergent, we are very familiar with, some elderly people prefer to use hot water, washing water, even bran wash, do not wash detergent, because they think the detergent is harmful to health. Today, we are going to talk about the main chemical composition of detergent and what it might do to the body. Detergent to remove oil, surfactant is the key if carefully check the main components of detergent, you will find a kind of "surfactant" ingredients. Detergent has been able to remove oil, can not do without the help of surfactant. Surfactant is an organic molecule, it is a hydrophilic lipophilic, a special structure, so that it can dissolve in water and grease collapse. Specifically, the principle of decontamination detergent by surfactant in aqueous medium, dissolved, the dirt emulsification, dispersion, suspension, through water rinse the dirt away from the tableware surface, clean tableware effect. Of course, the addition of surfactants, detergent also contains other ingredients, such as water, additives, flavorings, some detergent also contains antiseptic ingredients, can remove harmful microorganisms to human body. Detergent on the market whether there is a problem? For the market, the restaurant detergent, according to the sampling results of supervision departments in recent years and around the country, detergent unqualified products mainly include: the problem of total active matter content is not standard, bacteria exceed the standard, contain preservatives such as formaldehyde. 1 the total content of active substances is not in line with the 2016 Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the inspection of the 64 batches of dishwashing detergent, of which 1 batches of substandard products, unqualified items that are the total content of active substances. The total active substance is the key material in the detergent. The national standard "for hand dishwashing detergent" (GB 9985-2000) stipulates that detergents for hand dishwashing ("detergent") of the total active matter content should be greater than or equal to 15%. In general, the higher the total active matter content, the stronger the detergency. 2 bacteria exceed the standard 2016 Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Inspection of local production and sales of 58 batches of dishwashing detergent products, only 1 batches of substandard products, unqualified project is the total number of colonies. According to the national standards, the total number of bacteria per gram or per milliliter detergent can not exceed 1000 units. If the total number of detergent colonies exceeded, will bring two bacterial contamination tableware. 3 formaldehyde containing formaldehyde is a kind of industrial chemicals, some businesses in order to ensure that the detergent is not easy to deteriorate, the illegal addition of formaldehyde as a preservative. In general, eat a small amount of formaldehyde will not cause acute poisoning, but eat a large amount of formaldehyde will cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, coma, kidney damage or even death. Formaldehyde is one of the main concerns of human health. However, according to the existing evidence WHO believes that the intake of formaldehyde by eating does not cause cancer. Is it possible that the chemical residue of detergent is harmful to health? A survey found that the frequent use of detergent residue chemical residue