National beauty Gu Xiaobing transition from female players to cry crying female coach Gu Xiaobing and friends, according to the national administrative micro-blog reports, author: He Wenxian as one of the Chinese chess players beautiful, Gu Xiaobing has gradually fade out the stadium, when the king of the children. As the Yangzhou newspaper group vice president and international chess chess canal head coach, assistant dean for Gu Xiaobing "Jolimark Cup" chess league from 2016 China property YangZhou Railway Station game, and served as the district magistrate during the game. Gu Xiaobing has been with the Shandong star Zhao Jun married, she is now the identity of coach, also players, is his wife. However, Gu Xiaobing refused to accept the title of the most beautiful player, she said their psychological vulnerability, rich emotion, is a crying man. But from the cry of the female players turned to crying favorite female coach, in front of the children, she can only secretly weeping. Coach: behind the children secretly wiped tears reporter: what is your main job now? Gu Xiaobing: good student is my most important work, but usually also assist the president to plan and organize some games, such as Yangzhou has been held for two consecutive years in the Basque game. Reporter: what is the difference between students and their own chess? Gu Li: playing chess, winning in their own hands. I lost a lot of tears. But watching the children play chess, the game came back sick. They have been very hard, also very stubborn, fight to the last moment, but it is always anxious (laughs), I haven’t fully adjusted. Reporter: why is it so sick? Gu Xiaobing: the day the game is too noisy, the venue is also large, the children first time to participate in the game, very uncomfortable, did not play out the level of the day, it is like a game of chess. Then I should also take the kids throw in a "melee" environment, can not be placed in the greenhouse. Reporter: a small child, "melee" will not be cruel? Gu Xiaobing: the contest last year, the first day of the failure of kids out crying, I also secretly carrying them with tears. Children’s parents also asked: our children are not suitable for chess? But I asked the children, found that they are very happy, tears hanging on his face is also very want to lose, still very happy. They are fascinated by the country, but very hard to lose, even willing to stick to. I am very moved by this, so I am very willing to teach these children. Wife: would like to play in the middle honeymoon reporter: I heard that you just registered marriage? Gu Xiaobing: Yeah, just got married in Yangzhou. Reporter: home in Yangzhou? What about the price? Gu Xiaobing: home prices did not buy a house in Yangzhou, what pressure, after all we all came from Beijing, compared to a lot. (laughs) reporter: where are you going to do the wedding? What kind of car? Gu Xiaobing: think of Shandong and Jiangsu are not required to do, what car. What is the car, or that person (Zhao Jun) is more important. Reporter: ready to travel? Valley: like to go out.