South Korea cosmetic dye sampling unqualified half   26 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises were investigated, Health Channel – editor’s note: health is the common pursuit of human beings, however, in our life, there are always some "unhealthy" phenomenon affects us. In order to let the bad behavior of those few have been exposed to prevent more people from harm, to the public, health channel opened "health 315" column, inventory of domestic and foreign health field is worthy of attention and vigilance of the events, products, relevant departments, enterprises, institutions and individuals known to remind, to jointly maintain a good harmonious and healthy environment. The focus that South Korean cosmetic dye sampling unqualified half part of the heavy metal exceed the standard 30 times! The Korea consumer Institute released before the quality sampling inspection report shows that 25 kinds of semi permanent makeup dye products circulation on the market in South Korea (eyebrow, Eyeliner), 12 kinds of products of different degree of heavy metal content exceed the standard, 30 times of heavy metal content in some products even more than the standard value of the individual, a carcinogen exceed the standard of 5 times. As a result of Korean cosmetics by many Chinese consumers of all ages, look at the semi permanent cosmetics you use is not the brand. [with] the 26 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises illegal operations have been investigated recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice, and severely punish illegal acts of Guangxi Ping Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 26 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises. According to the announcement of the State Administration of drug circulation regulation "on illegal acts" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), from September 5th to September 13th, administration of flight inspection of pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, 26 enterprises have found that there are serious illegal acts. [with] [315]. ============================================================= scanning over 30% network sampling of nonconforming product. Death from overwork frequently plagued Japan enterprise. Quality Inspection Administration: more than 70% electric blanket deposit quality and safety risk of Beijing undocumented vendors "hide" into a restaurant selling breakfast. Pharmacies substandard food consumers awarded 100 thousand (NIE Cong laugh, right: commissioning editor Juan)