Ancelotti Bayern happy worry: the strongest combination + three crown hero how to take Hummel J and Boateng for the first time is expected to start the day after tomorrow morning Beijing time sina sports, Bayern will visit Calderon stadium, against the Champions League group phase strongest rivals Ma Jing. On the weekend of the season because of a knee injury to be replaced in advance of Hummel J has resumed training, should be able to participate in this war focus, it gives Ancelotti has brought happiness and troubles. "Bild" said Hummel J to participate in all training programs, and the right knee wrapped bandages also removed, look for Atletico do not have what problem. Because Boateng has returned and played in three games, Ancelotti is likely a strong defensive partner from Boateng + the first time in Hummels after taking office as the first. Previously due to injuries and rotation and other factors, the two have not been present at the same time. But at the same time, Martinez in the central position of the performance is also good, so three excellent central defender who played and how to turn into a problem. "This is the most difficult task I have to face," he said." Hummel J himself also talked about the issue: "I think it is a compliment, but also a realistic assessment of the overall situation, I think we have a high level of defense." Captain Rahm said: "you always want the team to be complete and all players stay healthy." At present, Badstuber is still injured, Boateng, Hummel J and Martinez three people will be the main candidates for the position. And if let Martinez midfielder like 2012-13 three season, so the position of the three Bayern midfielder will be Tiago, Martinez Vidal, Alonso, Kimich, Renato and Sanchez 6 players, the competition is also very intense. I do not know in this battle, Ancelotti will be paibingbuzhen. (Huadiwei sub)