Morey Slide Show lamented Beijing traffic: This is a day of normal dialogue: Zhou Qiyin Morey Yao Ming suggested that the Rockets expect him to Tencent sports news October 11th according to the U.S. news media Houston rockets and New Orleans pelicans are now Chinese for pre-season, as the general manager of the Rockets, Darrel Morley naturally follow the team to China, Morey came to Beijing lamented the traffic situation in Beijing today through social networks. Morey Tucao Beijing traffic Houston Rockets general manager Darrel Morley on twitter drying out of a Beijing city congestion photos, and wrote: "in Beijing, every normal traffic situation is this." From Morey’s picture can be seen, on both sides of the road were jammed with cars and even can’t see the end. In today’s Beijing, the traffic jam has become homely food, Darrel Morley did not know such everyday clearly. Before the ShangHai Railway Station in the preseason, the Rockets beat the pelican. From the current situation, the Rockets in DAntoni under running well in Howard’s departure after harden as the absolute leader, good condition, in addition, Ryan Anderson also quickly integrate into the team as an important point of the rockets. The new season the Rockets will further accelerate, harden is likely to occur frequently in one place, but on the outside, Gordon, Anderson, Mike Daniels, Ariza state is quite good, inside Cappella and Nene can also carry the burden, and Pulijiao, Harel, and Breuer, the rocket new season performance is worth looking forward to. (knife sister) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.